If you’re a seller on Amazon, you probably know that it can be exhausting to keep track of every aspect of your business. 

E-commerce has become so competitive, and staying on top of trends and business operations can be a huge drain on your resources. 

To flourish in such a fast-paced and competitive environment, you need to have an organized system that gets the job done faster. 

Fortunately, there are many innovations out there to support Amazon sellers like you. 

My name is Omar Deryan, CEO at OJ Digital Solutions. We are an amazon listing optimization service and we’ve optimized over 9,000 listings in the past 4 years, and in this article, I will share with you three strategies to boost your sales on the platform. 

Here are some of the top favorite software programs for Amazon sellers. 

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Helium 10

Helium 10 is among the most preferred software programs by many serious sellers for its comprehensive suite of tools. It’s got almost everything you need to run your business smoothly. 

From extensive product and keyword research to amazon listing optimization and inventory management, this program offers a well-rounded business solution. 

Not only that, it equips you with maintenance tools to ensure your product keeps selling once it has been listed. It helps you monitor products for profitability and gives hijacker alerts to protect your listings. 

Its latest tools add even more value. For instance, the AI-powered Adtomic tool shows you your PPC data to give you an overview of your advertising costs. 

Another recent addition is the Market Tracker, which lets you track your competition and gives you an overall view of the markets you sell in.  

These valuable additions help you see the big picture and make adjustments wherever needed. 

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Zonguru is another all-in-one suite of tools that helps Amazon sellers with a wide range of tasks. If you’re serious about getting the latest data on trends and research, this software will get you on the right track. 

Developed with the mantra, “for sellers, by sellers,” this program understands precisely what sellers need – a simple user interface and powerful data insight. After all, the more information you have, the more intelligent your business decisions will be. 

Its biggest strength is Keyword on Fire, Zonguru’s flagship tool. You can enter product phrases, and the program then returns a long list of potential keywords with the data for each one. 

This provides metrics that tell you the keyword’s revenue, average PPC bid, search volume, and more. You can also customize the list based on the data you want to see. 

More importantly, it gives you an idea of which keywords are competitive, eliminating the need for guesswork. You can then transport all of this to the Listing Optimizer, which helps you seamlessly create optimized product listings. 

The Niche Finder feature is another useful tool for finding viable products. It lets you run searches for products, the results of which should tell you if a product is worth your time. This helps sellers avoid pushing products in an already oversaturated market. 

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Feedback Five

When it comes to ecommerce, being proactive with customer feedback is a top priority. Feedback Five aims to give business owners a smart solution to managing their feedback and product reviews. 

The software helps sellers request product reviews and customer feedback, monitor trends, and more. You can get email or text alerts for negative and positive feedback so you can quickly address any issues. 

Plus, you can view all your Amazon ratings, reviews, and feedback with detailed analysis that gives you insights into the areas for improvement. This applies not just to your own products but to your competitors’ products as well. 

Sellers who use Feedback Five have seen tremendous improvement in their ratings compared to when they manually asked for customer reviews. 

Final Thoughts 

As an Amazon seller, you should have the best assortment of tools to manage every aspect of your business, from product research all the way to after-purchase customer support. 

Hopefully, this guide has shown you the best places to start as you look for the right software program for your business. 

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