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5 Reasons Coding Camp for Kids Is the Hottest Summer Activity of the Century

by Mack G
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Summer is only a few mere months away and as the temperature slowly increases, the myriad of outdoor activities and fun simultaneously climbs the collective ladder. From sports to adventurous hikes, ensuring your kid has a fulfilling summer is just as important as a satisfying school year. However, who says summertime fun and learning have to be separate. If we keep separating play and work, will we ever live out the interesting lives we were meant to lead? If you’re a parent who is looking to add more harmony in the off-season of your kid’s summer vacation with an engaging and critical skill set, you might consider how coding camp for kids can light up warmer months while paving the road toward a bright future.

Learn a new skill while having a blast

With any summer activity, fun must be at the program’s forefront. Your kid sits through curriculums day in and day out during the school year, so the last thing they need is a rigid box limiting their freedom. As fun and interactive as coding camps can be, they also hold key and foundational concepts critical to reaching levels of mastery.

The thrill of learning the ins and outs of their favorite coding camp for kids games like Roblox or Minecraft is just the start to the fun your kid will uncover as they soon discover how to create their own modifications and storylines. Not only does this prepare them for deeper learning amidst the school year, but it also opens the swell of creative application and imagination.

Make friends and connections in different locations

There is a nostalgia that arises when considering how technological advancement offers both education and connection beyond time and space. Could online coding be synonymous to the long forgotten practice of writing to a pen pal? Given the fact virtual coding classes allow for a diverse enrollment factoring in a wide range of locations, your kid will make lifelong connections with students from all over.

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The wide range in cultural perspectives and lifestyle are amongst a few of the benefits your child will gain in sharing with students from other cities and states. If we take it full force, just imagine the magic your kid can create in this world in collaboration with a group of likeminded people.

Discover a new passion and lucrative career skill

The youth is never to be wasted on the young for there is too much passion and opportunity at stake. When we add summer to the mix, it should be a requirement to explore as many interests as possible through the lens of growth and longevity. We benefit from asking, “How does this skill serve my kid for the years to come?” and depending on the activity at hand, your child has the opportunity to step into deeper levels of interest while opening doors to high paying jobs.

Coding camp for kids offers this to children from all backgrounds—whether they be interested in the arts like drawing and storytelling or in the sciences like math and technology. Who knows? Your kid could be the person behind a stellar game design sweeping the nation or develop the next level of coding to lead us to an even more sustainable future. While these are all gifts to humanity, the true gift lies in the passion behind the programming. After all, this is what breathes life into some of the most popular applications to this day. Let’s also not fail to mention the advancement this offers your child in network and industry connections if they were to decide on coding as a career.

Envision new realities and interact through a new perspective

Building a village in Minecraft to design complex game systems with Javascript barely scratches the surface of imagined worlds to be created. Think about the times you’ve seen your child play pretend in the recent or distant past. Nothing was off limits and everything could be achieved. The intricacies coding helps individuals simplify is a testament to the details reality can be filled with to craft a life beyond the cookie cut structure of mundane interaction. When your kid delves into the language of coding and becomes fluent in what once seemed so foreign, it is only the beginning of a rocket ready to take off in the world of STEM and beyond.

Learn at their own pace and on their own time

Here at Code Galaxy, we love all things STEM and we also understand our students lead incredible and intricate lives. While the coding camps we offer are designed to be attended in real-time, you can select which course works best with your schedule. If you have plans for a family vacation or travel, rest assured online coding classes will be there for your kid upon returning home. As these containers are offered weekly, your kid also has the ability to build upon different coding camps for a more robust and flexible learning experience.

Now that we’ve covered ground on some of the fun and rewarding aspects coding camp for kids offer during the summertime, the rest is up to you. Take some time to consider your child’s core interests, their skill level and what their ultimate goals comprise of. You’ll find there is something different for every age and level to ignite a new favorite pastime.

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