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Advantages of Node.js Over Java

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Why do we need to compare technology? The Web is full of technology comparisons, but what is the purpose of comparison? For what purpose do we compare programming languages, development platforms, frameworks, tools, and APIs?

The reason is simple and clear: the initial technology selection makes a significant difference. The use of specific technology determines the performance and growth potential of a product for business owners. For development teams, technology defines the ease of product support and the smoothness of eventual platform migrations. The decision to learn a specific technology may be a pivotal event in the careers of developers.

Today, we would like to discuss the list of Java vs Node.js differences in the context of their suitability for developers.

But before comparison let’s dive in and brush up on our basics.

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Node.js: Node.js is a runtime application development library. Rayn Dahl created it to use JavaScript outside of the browser, and Joyent later took over management. Node.js is used for both front-end and back-end development, and it can also be used to create mobile applications. With its capabilities, it can handle the server-side, allowing a user to request a packet while also accessing the database. JavaScript has a plethora of frameworks based on Express.js and Node.js.

These frameworks can, however, be used for different types of applications. Node.js has the advantage of being able to connect to devices via APIs as well as libraries written in other languages. 

Advantages of Node.js

Node.js brings valuable benefits to the table, including:

  • It is robust and scalable.
  •  It is less complicated than Java.
  • It is best suited for full-stack developers.
  •  It allows for faster and easier coding.
  •  It has a node package manager that allows you to store multiple libraries in a single line.
  • Each library is organized into a dependency tree, which simplifies the operation.
  •  It’s always growing and evolving, continually developed, and improved
  • It has widespread community support.

Java: James Gosling created Java at Sun Microsystems, and Oracle later acquired it. Java is an object-oriented language with most of its syntax derived from C++ and concepts that have been modified slightly. Java comes in a package with JDK called Java Development Kit, and it is sufficient to run a java program.

One of the most significant advantages of this language is that the code written in it is converted into byte code, which can be run on any machine regardless of the operating system that supports Java. Java has a large community and supports networking and graphical user interfaces. Java is used extensively in the development of many games.

Advantages of Java

Java brings valuable benefits to the table, including:

  • It has numerous libraries.
  • It’s common—you can find it anywhere.
  • As previously stated, it can run on any platform that has JRE installed.
  • It’s simple to learn and understand.
  • Java programmes are more stable than those written in other languages.
  • It is extremely safe.
  • It is object-oriented, which allows programmers to create modular programmes and reusable code.

Difference between Node.js and Java:

Basis ofNode.jsJava
Application TypeServer-side applications that are highly scalable.Highly complex applications can be created.
CreationResembles the C, C++ and JavaScript conventions as framework is written in these.Object oriented structure applications derived from C++.
InstallationInstallation of npm is required to run Node.js.It requires JRE to run Java.
Developers UsageIt is appropriate for small projects and server-side interactions.It is used for CRUD operations-based projects which are complex to handle.
Community SupportThere is a huge community to support.So far, the Java community has proven to be the most adaptable, with a large following.
FrameworksIt includes several frameworks, such as Sails.js, Express.js, and Partial.js.It includes frameworks such as JSF, Struts, Hibernate, and others.
ApplicationUsed in applications where real-time data is altered, such as Google Docs.Used in applications where object creation and data management are required.      

Java Vs Node.JS: Final Verdict

On one side, there are solid engineering and architecture foundations. On the other hand, simplicity and ubiquity are advantages. Will Java’s old-school compiler-driven world hold its ground, or will the speed and flexibility of Node.js help JavaScript continue to devour everything in its path?

Hopefully, this article gave you a better understanding of Java vs Node.JS from the perspective of developers.

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