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The 7 Latest Application Development Trends to Follow in 2022

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Mobile application development has been a lucrative business. It’s important to know about the latest mobile app development trends in order to thrive and provide the best experience to customers. The best software development company needs to be aware of these trends, also these to be follow for the best business gworth in 2022:

Foldable Devices Apps 

This advantage is particularly useful when developing apps in the security, governance, identification, social, and financial sectors. The number of users utilizing blockchain wallets had topped 70 million by the end of March 2021.

Foldable phones are making a surprising comeback from the 2000s, but they still seem to be a small part of the overall smartphone industry. This, however, will change in the coming years. As per Statista, by the end of 2022, global foldable phone shipments are expected to reach over 50 million units.

Improved usability and user interface extension, as well as the ability to use the device as a phone and a mini-tablet at the same time, thanks to the display’s capacity to be instantly unfolded as needed, are all viable reasons. That may appeal to users. This is a compelling incentive to be digitally knowledgeable in this mobile app craze. 

Write For Us Technology


Blockchain has come a long way since the boom in Bitcoin. From medical data security to supply chain and logistics monitoring, technology is being employed in a range of industries. It’s also used a lot in mobile apps.

Therefore, these are  popular mobile app development trends. Decentralized applications (dapps) built on blockchain technology have the advantage of providing users with better control over their data and there is no need of a middleman. 

AR and VR 

The popularity of Pokemon Go ensured that users were ready to accept AR and VR. The app was well-received around the world, and it demonstrated to businesses that users like to see more of the virtual reality.

We can see numerous examples of firms embracing AR and VR to improve the user experience today if we look around. Ikea uses augmented reality to let buyers see how their furniture will look in their home before they buy it. L’Oreal’s virtual cosmetics program allows users to look how a particular piece of makeup would look on their face. It’s really helpful to know before buying it. On Lenskart, users may virtually try on glasses before purchasing them. Custom software development firm can help you build AR and VR features that can help you stand out from your competitors.


Last year, 5g was already one of the top app development trends, and all signs point to significant growth in the adoption of 5g technology around the world now that it has become a buzzword. 5G offers ultra fast rates of more than 319 terabytes per second (Tbps). The high connection density, near-zero latency, and vast bandwidth, make apps fast.

By 2025, 5g connections are expected to account for 40% of all connections in Europe and 15% of all mobile connections worldwide, with 5g connections projected to account for 47.5 percent of all smartphones next year. It’s no wonder, then, that one of the forthcoming app development trends is complying with 5G requirements.

Entertainment and Gaming 

Apps for entertainment and games have become widely popular. Some people don’t want to live without them at all. For instance, Netflix, an entertainment app, has about 74 percent active customers, in the United States and Canada. Also, there are more than 159.1 million mobile phone gamers, and they love to play on mobile devices.

Enterprise Mobility 

Following the Great Resignation, many organizations have had to reconsider their hiring and working models. The option to work from home and use personal mobile devices is gradually becoming the norm. Mobile-enabled employees can work more flexible hours – for example, from their phones – and have been demonstrated to boost productivity and job satisfaction.

Mobile enterprise apps meet business and corporate demands such as collaboration, human resources, and marketing automation. During the coronavirus outbreak, an estimated 85 percent of companies throughout the world relied on their employees’ personal devices to stay competitive and keep their businesses running.

The predicted expansion of the mobile enterprise app industry is certain as there is an increase in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture, a market expected to be worth 366.95 billion USD by 2022, and the use of cloud technology, as well as major social changes regarding the way we work. 

With workplace flexibility being so important to employee happiness and retention, it’s no surprise that mobile enterprise apps are one of the top app development trends for the foreseeable future. 

Super Apps 

Super apps work as an ecosystem in which multiple activities, such as work, pleasure, shopping, and social connection, can all occur at the same time.

The WeChat messaging app, which works more like a platform on which users may not only speak with their friends but also access a larger range of online activities, gave this concept traction in China. Voice and text chat, group messaging, payments, and games are all available on WeChat.

Social networking applications are now catching up to mega-app development in the Western world. Facebook’s Marketplace and purchasing services, as well as Instagram’s shift away from merely publishing photos, are examples of how they’re maturing into platforms where users can do more and more online without having to transfer to other apps.

The concept of one app for one purpose is becoming old. Because everyone wants convenience in the end, super app is one of the mobile app industry trends to watch in 2022. 

Final Words 

It’s difficult to stay up-to-date in the highly competitive mobile industry unless you keep up with the newest mobile app development trends and understand how to leverage them to make a wonderful product.

The mobile app sector is expanding, and it makes sense to utilize the newest trends to benefit your business. In today’s time, it has become all the more important to utilize technology for the benefit of providing the ultimate experience to users. An enjoyable mobile experience can greatly help in taking your app to the top.

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