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Using Artificial Intelligence for B2B Marketing as a Small Business

by Tabish Khalid
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Artificial Intelligence is an advanced technology that is bringing a lot of changes to the world. It had brought about a revolution in the field of technology. It is a smart technology that can be used by many small businesses. It can efficiently solve business problems. AI makes smart use of the data that is available in real time. There are several AI tools that do the job.

Let us discuss the in detail.

  • Content marketing with AI
  • Social media posts
  • Google, The most effective AI
  • Email personalization with AI
  • Advertising with AI
  • Influencer marketing with AI
  • Merging online and offline data
  • Offers in Real-time
  • Customer segmentation with AI
  • Personalize customer journey with AI
  • Automating customer interaction

Content marketing with AI

Creating content that is attractive and hooks the reader instantly is a difficult job. Everything should be taken care of from grammar to editing, vocabulary, and punctuation. Content marketing is an important aspect of B2B marketing. Creative content demands new and diverse ideas that can be presented in a very attractive way. AI can be used and integrated with content marketing.   

Content marketing AI is used to create and organize the content on the website that has been created. It analyzes the content on the website and organizes it. It will make the social media posts, emails, and offers that are personalized for every buyer. This is how it optimizes content marketing to create content and amazing campaigns. It can save the company from getting outsourced work and spending a lot on it. There are many tools like Copy.ai and HelloWoofy that help in writing a blog. The dream of great content can be achieved by any ecommerce business by using these tools.

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Social media posts

To cater to a wide audience, Artificial intelligence can be used to expand the audience. For example, Facebook’s lookalike audience uses the data to find customers that are have same behavior. The data can be obtained by a website, assessing people that have liked a page. And it can even be obtained by uploading the list of current customers on Facebook.

Now for b2b marketers predictive lead scoring and account scoring could be used with AI to reach more buyers. These buyers will have features like your customers. Various analytics tools are available for this purpose. A tool called Netbase can be used that gives recommendations.    

Google, The most effective AI

It is estimated that there are almost 3.5 billion searches made on Google every day. Its ability to keep to sites on their perfect rank in the organic search is called the RankBrain system. It knows what shjpoild be placed where. It is the most popular AI being used by every business person and individual each day. Many people are unaware of it but are using it in their daily lives.

Now when we talk about B2B buyers, is it efficient for them? Yes Of course, before buying anything b2b buyers search for it online to have an idea about the product and services and the best platforms for it. The businesses that use RankChain are at advantage. It is helpful in generating traffic to the site.

This system is not just restricted to keywords and backlinks, a little changed keyword can also be accepted. The keywords can also exist in the title. The ratio of such results is 53%. It is aimed at providing results in human language by improving natural language processing NLP.

Email personalization with AI

Email is still an effective method of marketing if it is used in the correct way to target the relevant audience. The data with the help of AI can be used to target the right customers to start the campaign. AI had the power to predict the behavior and target the right users. It can identify similar buyers and the buying patrons of buyers. If a shopper is interested in a product, it will predict similar products for it. MailChimp is an AI-based tool for this purpose. It helps in targeting the customers via email by creating catchy subject lines. This personalization is only possible through knowing about the customer.

Advertising with AI

AI is also optimized for advertising. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn are used for advertising. And the campaigns of these platforms are optimized by others like thenextad. More than 1 million advertising campaigns are run to cater to millions of users. And the platforms like Thenextad makes use of it. The data collected from different sources is formalized into mathematical algorithms. The cost per action and cost per acquisition is also controlled by an automated decision engine.

Influencer marketing with AI

Today, there are many influencers present online that are creating amazing content that hooks the users. They have millions of followers that can help in promoting small businesses. For this purpose, influencer marketing can be used.  For this purpose, a tool called influential can be used that connects businesses with influencers. It uses advanced artificial intelligence to research the social media profile of a business. It identifies the target audience and gains insight into their likes and dislikes. It finds out all the necessary information about the buyers. Then it is used to connect the brand with the relevant influencers that can market the business.

Merging online and offline data

Today the customers have their choice to interact with a brand in both ways, online or offline. This data will give a complete picture of the buyer. Online data can be obtained by using AI-powered campaigns.  When a customer visits a website, they get access to the data on the site which can be downloaded. The offline data can be gathered by using AI to calculate the intent data.  It helps in knowing the action of the customer rather than click and download. It shows the interest or disappointment of the customer.

This online and offline information is an asset that can help in improving the marketing of the business. This makes the company aware of the behavior and Intention of their customers. To sum up, it provides relevant customer information.

Offers in Real-time

Delivering offers to the customers is the most essential part of a b2b business. Designing a perfect offer for the customers could be a difficult task that can be combatted with AI. After the interaction of the customer, AI analyzes it and starts making strategies. It works on making personalized offers to the customer according to their buying behavior. It can quickly predict what would the next interaction of the customer with the company be like. And to effectively target the audience it makes special promotional discounts for its focused and valuable customers.

Customer segmentation with AI

Choosing the right audience is very important when it comes to marketing for b2b business. Contacting the wrong customers would be a waste of time and money. For many years marketers are spending a lot of time and putting in their efforts to segment their audience. Today, with AI it would be relatively easy to segment the audience.

As you know, AI uses data efficiently, it is also the case with customer segmentation. It uses customer data to segment the audience. Account-based marketing can also be to generate leads. It is estimated that 60 % of B2B marketers use AI for customer segmentation.

Personalize customer journey with AI

AI can be used to create a customized experience for a customer. Personalized ads, unique content, and a customized buying journey can be provided to the customer. The customers only like to see content that is of their interest and to know more about their needs.

In this way, they only get to see what is of their use. Predictive behavior can be used to target the right accounts. And look-alike accounts can also be used to predict. Stats show that as many as 58 % of marketers use AI to personalize the customer journeys and the marketers are satisfied with their abilities to do so.

Automating customer interactions

Social media, websites, and mobile applications can be used to automate customer interactions. Again, AI uses the customer data to keep the customer updated with the latest news and promotions.  When a customer wants to complain about their experience, their data file can be used to know about their purchase experience which would be otherwise difficult to understand. Now that you have the access to the information and know the complete story, you can assist them properly. This provides a very automated customer experience.


Small businesses can use AI to make the reach and visibility of their business stronger. All the marketing methods can be integrated with AI to get the job done. Using content, social media and email marketing can be integrated with artificial intelligence to get positive results. Online and offline marketing can also be optimized. Customer interactions can be automated by AI. Moreover, A personalized and customized experience can be provided to the customer by using the customer data with Artificial intelligence tools.

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