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6 Best Cloud Computing Courses to Learn in 2022

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Cloud computing is a rising career pathway. The industry is emerging with more job and growth opportunities day by day. As we all step into a fully digital era, cloud computing has become the need of the hour for enterprises.

More companies, small and large, migrate to the cloud every day. They require experts to facilitate such migrations and handle various cloud operations in their organizations. So, it’s the best time to get proper cloud training and launch a career in 2022.

Cloud computing might sound a bit intimidating to candidates new to the domain. They require various courses to grasp the essential concepts before appearing for a cloud interview. Also, recruiters prefer professionally-trained candidates over others for specific job roles. So, enrolling in the best cloud computing courses is essential for enthusiasts nowadays.

However, not all courses are worth the time and money. So, which sessions are the best ones to learn in 2022? Let’s get familiar with high-yielding and comprehensive cloud computing certification courses for you!

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Top cloud computing courses to choose in 2022

You have read enough about cloud computing courses. Now, it’s time to know about the trending sessions in 2022.

  • Post Graduate Program In Cloud Computing – Simplilearn
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services – Udemy
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Prep Specialization – Coursera
  • Cloud Computing: The Big Picture by David Chappell – Pluralsight
  • Getting Started with Cloud Computing – Level 1 – Udemy
  • Cloud Computing Concepts, Part 1 – Coursera

Benefits of enrolling in cloud computing courses

Cloud computing is a challenging domain, especially for beginners. So, they must enroll in a relevant course to clear their concepts quickly. Are you still finding reasons to register with a cloud computing course? Below are some points to convince you if it’s a yes!

  1. Learn what’s required

The cloud computing domain is massive, and there’s no finish line. You don’t require learning everything to become a cloud professional with top companies. But, how much to study to prepare for cloud job interviews? That’s the most confusing question among learners.

The cloud computing courses have researched the curriculum, helping you understand the exact curriculum required to ace any interview effortlessly. 

  1. Understand the trends

The cloud computing industry emerges with new trends from time to time. A successful professional tracks these trends and keeps their knowledge base up-to-date. However, grasping all recent changes in the domain can be challenging for learners.

Thankfully, cloud computing courses comprise all recent advancements and trends to groom a professional in every aspect.

  1. Get tips from experts.

Experience is more valuable than theoretical knowledge. It is a good rule in different industries, especially cloud computing. So, it’s better to get in touch with industry experts who can share their experiences with you and offer a new perspective.

You can listen to these specialists and get their expert tips by registering with cloud computing courses. They can groom you into an employable professional within a short span.

  1. Prepare for job interviews.

Job interviews can be scary if you aren’t prepared with sufficient cloud computing knowledge. Enrolling in a cloud computing course ensures that you build the necessary cloud skills before scheduling an interview with your dream company. Overall, these sessions can be your go-to guide to crack various cloud jobs without difficulties.

  1. Build foundations for certification exams

A cloud computing certification is a necessity to stand out in the crowd. You can easily prepare for and crack these practical examinations by enrolling in relevant online courses. The beginner-level ones give you a knee-deep understanding of the foundational concepts. Furthermore, you can register with certification-specific sessions to ensure your success in the certification exams.

These reasons make enrolling in a cloud computing course significant.

Moving on, let’s discuss the characteristics you should seek in a cloud computing course.

Features of the best cloud computing courses

As you already know, every course isn’t investment-worthy. It would help if you considered some characteristics for shortlisting the best cloud computing courses. But, what are they? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

Here are the top features of the best cloud computing courses. Have a look!

  • Certificate

The top cloud computing courses value your time invested. So, they offer an industry-recognized certificate after completing the entire session. In an interview, you can carry these certificates in your resume to prove your knowledge to the recruiters.

  • Hands-on projects

Learning cloud computing is incomplete without gaining hands-on experience. However, you can work in numerous labs and projects by registering with leading cloud computing courses. 

Having experience building various projects will give you a clear picture of the concepts and help you remember them for a prolonged period. Thus, choosing a course with several practical projects included in the curriculum is essential for your cloud computing career.

  • Top instructors

Getting excellent industry experts as your course instructor feels like a dream come true. The best online courses on cloud computing have such professionals to teach you.

Apart from teaching you the essential concepts, they will reveal lesser-known insights driven by years of industry experience. So, remember to check instructors’ profiles before investing in a cloud computing course.

  • Live online classes

Getting doubts when learning cloud computing is common. However, you can face immense difficulty clearing them in recorded lectures. So, a course with live online classes is best for you.

A cloud computing online course with live sessions helps you become more interested and engaged with the curriculum. So, seeking such a session will help you in every way.

It’s best to look for these features when seeking a cloud computing course. These are the fundamental characteristics of a sought-after cloud computing session. So, you cannot choose a tutorial if it does not have any of these attributes.

Now, let’s learn more about the top cloud computing courses in 2022.


A cloud computing course can be a game-changer for your career. So, you should make a wise decision and choose a session among the discussed ones for the right beginning. Good luck!

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