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5 Best Network Monitoring Tools and Software of 2022

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What is a network monitoring tool? Various enterprises use network monitoring software to track the network’s performance they use.

This software provides the information regarding the network flow to the administrator user so that determining the efficiency of the network becomes effortless. The network monitoring tool can either be in the form of software or hardware. This tool observes and monitors the data flowing through it. 

The network monitoring tool helps in reviewing the performance of the network. In the current trend, as many businesses are budding like mushrooms, this tool, the software, helps track down the network and the data effortlessly like it can monitor your iBall router login. Network monitoring software is a boon to many enterprises as it helps detect errors or issues in the network even before the IT team sees it. 5 Best Network Monitoring Tools and Software of 2021 There are various best network monitoring tools and software available in the market which is free to use, and few are paid. Here’s the list of tools available for monitoring networks, both free and paid:

 1. Catchpoint 

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2. Zabbix 

3. Solarwinds 

4. Nagios 

5. Spiceworks 


Catchpoint is one of the best network monitoring software. As it claims, this tool continuously monitors across all the networks impacting the services, including Cloud, DNS, and CDNs. This software tests from the most extensive, reliable broadband, backbone, cloud, last mile, and wireless network with over 700 single-homed locations. This software has become one of the best tools on the list. 

Catchpoint detects, identifies, and visualizes peering and interconnection issues impacting users across the local, edge, hybrid, and cloud networks. This software tests, collects, and analyses the data and collaborates in one location. 


ZABBIX is a scalable network monitoring tool for any infrastructure. This tool monitors everything, not only the network but also monitors cloud, servers, and applications for free as it is an open-source network. 

Though it is an open-source network, this tool ensures to keep your information safe and secure by enabling an option of storing information of yours in an external vault. Like any other paid tool, ZABBIX ensures 24/7 uptime and negates the risk of data loss. As everything has its Pros and Cons, this tool must be installed and configured manually, component by component. The user interface is imprecise and uses complex terminology. The tool can work without agents, but it would be better to run it by an agent to make the work uncomplicated. 


Solarwinds is a network monitoring tool with key features like providing multi-vendor network monitoring network insight for deeper visibility. Most importantly, it alerts the users in advance regarding any issue in their network. 

Solarwinds provide a 30-day free trial to their initial users. This network monitoring software provides visibility into the health and performance of your entire IT environment, so you can easily view the status of VPN tunnels to help ensure connectivity between sites. If your VPN tunnels are down, users may be unable to access network services critical to the businesses. 


Nagios is a free and open-source computer software application that monitors systems and networks. This software is one of the best network monitoring software on our list. This software is available for free to monitor the micro-level environment. Nagios provides monitoring and alerting services for servers, switches, and applications. 

Nagios provides a free trial to its users. The key features of this software application include detecting server and network outages and protocol failures quickly and fast detection of failed servers, services, and processes. Using Nagios, you can plan for infrastructure upgrades before outdated systems cause failures, respond to issues at the first sign of a problem, and automatically fix problems when they are detected. 


Spiceworks is free software that claims to give the user a full scan of all their devices, an inventory of their software, and even info on cloud services in the network. The free Spiceworks app also stores all the users’ data locally and securely, so users can rest easily. 

This network monitor is very scalable and flexible. Spiceworks network monitor tracks devices such as switches and routers’ input-output rate. The user of this tool can choose to look at specific devices is significantly more detail with the Critical Device Widget. This software is agentless and hence can monitor the devices such as copiers, printers, and other machines effortlessly. 

The above are the five best network monitoring tools and software in 2021. Suppose an enterprise or any user decides to use any network monitoring software. In that case, they can consider purchasing any of the above tools and software to detect any error or issues in the network even before the agents or IT team detects it. It is very important to have the best network monitoring tool software for any enterprise driven by Information Technology, either fully automated or semi-automated. 


In this modern world where most of the work is being automated with the help of Information Technology, it would be a great decision to use network monitoring software and tools by automated enterprises. 

Choosing the best tools and software depends upon the requirement of the user and the enterprise. Hence, it’s best to have network monitoring tools and software for the enterprise, based on the nature and environment of the enterprise. 

Thanks for reading the article till the very end, and I hope you have got an insight into network monitoring tools and software. 

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