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The best big data, analytics, and AI conferences of 2022

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Attending AI, analytics, big data, and machine-learning conferences helps you learn about the latest advancements and achievements in these technologies, things that would likely take too long and too much effort to research and master on your own. And you get this information from keynote speakers who are tops in their fields—information you can use to help you in your work.

These events allow you to develop your skills in these areas while interacting with others who share the same interests and who can help you solve problems.


World AI Cannes Festival

Twitter: @WAICannes
Web: worldaicannes.com
Date: February 10–12
Location: Cannes, France, and virtual
Cost: Free or up to €1,490

A high-level conference program will host over 100 speakers from around the world and from rich and diverse backgrounds. Attendees will get a complete vision of AI in all its complexity and challenges through the conference’s five tracks.

Write For Us Technology

Who should attend: AI professionals and enthusiasts

Data Science Salon: AI and Machine Learning in the Enterprise

Twitter: @datascisalon
Web: datascience.salon/miami//
Date: February 16
Location: Miami, Florida, USA, and virtual
Cost: $595

The Data Science Salon is a focused conference that grew into a diverse community of data scientists, machine-learning engineers, analysts, and other senior data specialists. Attendees can improve their data skills via engaging live presentations and panel discussions, learn how to apply state-of-the art AI and ML techniques in the enterprise, and meet and connect with leading data scientists in a casual atmosphere.

Who should attend: Senior data scientists and data decision makers

AI Ethics Summit

Twitter: @teamrework
Web: re-work.co/events/ai-ethics-summit-2022
Date: February 17—18
Location: San Francisco, California, USA, and virtual
Cost: In-person, $1,695 to $2,095; virtual pass, $249

At this event, attendees will learn about responsible and ethical approaches to developing AI for the common good. They will also hear from expert speakers on recent, relevant developments and the progression of AI ethics.

Who should attend: AI ethicists, AI strategists, AI technologists, data engineers, fellows, lead for responsible AI, professors, PhD students, program leads, and research scientists 

Deep Learning 2 Summit

Twitter: @teamrework
Web: re-work.co/events/deep-learning-landscape-summit-2022
Date: February 17—18
Location: San Francisco, California, USA, and virtual
Cost: Varies

This event brings together the latest technology advancements as well as practical examples to apply AI to challenges in business and society. Attendees will hear about advances in deep learning and smart AI from leading innovators. They will also learn from industry experts in speech and image recognition, neural networks, and big data.

Who should attend: Developers, data scientists, DevOps specialists, IT decision makers, and anyone interested in combining DevOps practices with machine learning


Industry of Things World USA

Twitter: @weCONECTMedia
Web: industryofthingsworldusa.com
Date: March 17—18
Location: San Diego, California, USA, and virtual
Cost: Standard ticket, $3,995; digital ticket, $695

Organizers say that this event is the leading business platform for smart manufacturing and industrial IoT. The event focuses on real world, end-user case studies on how smart manufacturing technologies are changing businesses and industries. Speakers from around the world offer insights into concepts and present current strategies. Topics include automation, machine-to-machine communication, interoperability, analytics, and new business models.

Part of the Industry of Things World global event series, this conference has become the meeting point for senior executives who want to learn more about the industrial Internet. A sister conference is scheduled for September in Berlin, Germany.

Who should attend: IoT specialists and strategists, IoT novices, cloud computing adopters, big data analytics experts, and anyone else involved in digital transformation

Enterprise Data World

Twitter: @EnterpriseData
Web: edw2022.dataversity.net
Date: March 20—25
Location: San Diego, California, USA
Cost: $995 to $3,395

For 26 years now, Enterprise Data World has been recognized as the most comprehensive educational conference on data management in the world. This year’s event will offer in-depth training opportunities for data-driven professionals from around the world. Industry experts will share case studies, experiences, and knowledge about various topics, including data governance, data architecture, blockchain technology, data integration, data modeling, metadata management, data and information quality, business analytics, data science, big data and enterprise information management, and more.

Who should attend: Chief data officers; data and information architects; vice presidents and directors of analytics, business intelligence, and data governance; information quality professionals; data scientists; and big data engineers



Twitter: @odsc
Web: odsc.com/boston
Date: April 19 —21
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and virtual
Cost: In-person, $799 to $4,663; virtual, $299 to $2,663

ODSC East 2022 will be more inclusive than ever—from in-person sessions to digital experiences available for everyone, attending from anywhere. The idea is to combine small, immersive, in-person experiences with innovative and insightful digital ones. ODSC East will help attendees stay current with the most recent and exciting developments in data science.

Who should attend: Data scientists, software engineers, analysts, managers, and CxOs


Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Twitter: @Gartner_inc#GartnerDA
Web: gartner.com/en/conferences/emea/data-analytics-uk
Date: May 9—11
Location: London, UK
Cost: €2,650 to €3,550

This conference addresses the most significant challenges that data analytics leaders face as they build the innovative and adaptable organizations of the future. Attendees will learn how to deliver continued value in an uncertain world with strategies and innovations backed by data and analytics.

Who should attend: Analytics and business information practitioners, business analysts, data scientists, analytics and business information program leaders, enterprise information leaders, and MDM program managers

AI & Big Data Expo North America

Twitter: @ai_expo
Web: ai-expo.net/northamerica/
Date: May 11—12
Location: Santa Clara, California, USA
Cost: TBA

This event is for the enterprise technology professional seeking to explore the latest innovations, implementations, and strategies to drive business forward. It will provide insight from more than 250 speakers sharing their industry knowledge and real-life experiences in solo presentations, expert panel discussions, and in-depth fireside chats. Topics include demystifying AI, creating an AI-powered organization, machine learning, decision science, RPA and automation, data analytics, chatbots, and computer vision.

Who should attend: IT decision makers, CTOs, developers and designers, heads of innovation, chief data officers, chief data scientists, brand managers, data analysts, people from startups, tech providers, C-level executives, and venture capitalists

Data Summit 2022

Twitter: @infotoday
Web: dbta.com/DataSummit/2022/default.aspx
Date: May 17—18
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Cost: Showcase only, $50 ($25, early bird); per-workshop fee, $395 ($295, early bird); various keynote, boot camp, and summit combos, $495 (early bird) to $1,095

At Data Summit 2022, attendees will hear about approaches the world’s leading companies are taking to solve key challenges in data management. Whether attendees’ interests lie in the technical possibilities and challenges of new and emerging technologies or in using big data for business intelligence, analytics, and other business strategies, Data Summit 2022 has something for everyone, according to organizers.

Who should attend: CIOs, chief data officers, database administrators, application developers, IT directors and managers, software engineers, data architects, technology specialists, data analysts, project managers, data scientists, and business directors and managers

World Data Summit

Twitter: @WorldDataSummit
Web: worlddatasummit.com
Date: May 18—20
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cost: Conference, €1,295; workshop day, €795; conference and workshop, €1,595

This three-day conference will help attendees get a better understanding of developing an analytical model for their business and customer growth. Experts will discuss all aspects of data analysis, how to work with unstructured data, and how to upgrade data visualization and interpretability to the next level. Attendees can also dig deeper into customer analytics or increase their technical knowledge by attending a workshop.

Who should attend: Directors and managers of data analytics and modeling, data science, customer and market insight analytics, data integration and artificial intelligence, business analytics, predictive analytics, data architecture, and statistics



Twitter: @Monitorama#monitorama
Web: monitorama.com/2022/pdx.html
Date: June 27—29
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

This conference focuses on techniques and tools used to monitor complex applications and infrastructure. Attendees can hear talks by industry experts and community leaders about the newest approaches to monitoring and observability, including AIOps. Past conferences have covered topics such as rethinking user experience for AI-driven monitoring tools and how AI helps observe decentralized systems.

Who should attend: Monitoring engineers, developers, production engineers, software architects and engineers, reliability engineers, and network architects


MLDM 2022: 17th International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining

Twitter: @sciencepp
Web: mldm.de
Date: July 16—21
Location: New York, New York, USA
Cost: TBA

The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers from all over the world who deal with machine learning and data mining. They will discuss the status of the recent research and other topics.

Who should attend: Anyone interested in ML and data mining

Subsurface Live Summer

Twitter: @dremio
Web: dremio.com/subsurface/events/summer-2021/
Date (2021): July 21
Location (2021): New York, New York, USA
Cost (2021): Free

This event explores the latest open-source innovations and offers real-world use cases. Attendees will hear firsthand from technology leaders at companies including Netflix, USAA, Adobe, Microsoft, and AWS about their experiences architecting and building modern data lakes. Participants will also learn how to innovate with open-source technologies, such as Apache Iceberg, Amundsen, InfluxDB IOx, Apache Parquet, and more.

Who should attend: Data architects and data engineers

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Twitter: @Gartner_inc#GartnerDA
Web: gartner.com/en/conferences/apac/data-analytics-australia
Date: July 25—26
Location: Sydney, Australia
Cost: A$2,750 to A$3,475 (group discounts available)

Attendees at this event will learn how to establish the strategy, organization, culture, and skills needed to align to business priorities and outcomes, and leverage key data and analytics trends.

Who should attend: Chief data officers, chief analytics officers, and senior data, and analytics and business leaders


Ai4 2021

Twitter: @Ai4Conferences
Web: ai4.io/2021/
Date (2021): August 17—19
Location (2021): Virtual
Cost (2021): $395 (general registration)

This event brings together business leaders and data practitioners to facilitate the adoption of AI and machine-learning technology. Organizers say their mission is to help provide a common framework for what AI means to enterprises as well as the future of the world.

Who should attend: Individuals who hold nontechnical, senior-level positions and/or technical roles at their organizations; data scientists; and data practitioners


Real Business Intelligence Conference

Twitter: @RealBIEvent#REALBIEVENT
Web: realbusinessintelligence.com
Date (2021): September 21—22
Location (2021): Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and virtual
Cost (2021): $299 to $499

Organized by Dresner Advisory Services, this conference is designed for IT and business leaders looking for strategies for successful business intelligence, analytics, and information and performance management. It emphasizes using real-world best practices and proven methods to produce pragmatic and actionable takeaways.

Who should attend: Business and IT leaders, CIOs, chief data officers, business intelligence and data governance practitioners, and data scientists

Deep Learning Summit London

Twitter: @teamrework
Web: re-work.co/events/deep-learning-summit-london-2022
Date: September 22—23
Location: London, UK, and virtual
Cost: TBA

This event brings together the latest technology advancements as well as practical examples for how to apply AI to solve challenges in business and society. The mix of academia and industry allows attendees to meet with AI pioneers at the forefront of research as well as explore real-world case studies to discover the business value of AI.

Who should attend: Developers, data scientists, DevOps specialists, IT decision makers, and anyone interested in combining DevOps practices with machine learning


AI for Good Summit

Twitter: @teamrework
Web: re-work.co/events/ai-for-good-summit-seattle-2022
Date: November 10—11
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Cost: TBA

This event will explore responsible and practical applications of machine learning and deep learning to improve individual lives and society, including achieving environmental sustainability, increasing access to education and healthcare, reducing AI bias, and boosting transparency.

Who should attend: Chief data officers, CEOs, CIOs, founders, government leaders, policy advisors, professors, and chief AI officers


Twitter: @odsc
Web: odsc.com/california/
Date (2021): November 15—18
Location (2021): San Francisco, California, USA
Cost (2021): $299 to $1,299 (time-sensitive discounts available)

The ODSC West Conference 2021 is billed as one of the largest applied data science training conferences in the world. Instructors include some of the core contributors to many open-source tools, libraries, and languages. Attendees will hear about the latest AI and data science topics, tools, and languages from some of the best and brightest in the field.

Who should attend: Data scientists, software engineers, analysts, managers, and CxOs


Data Science Salon Virtual: Applying AI & Machine Learning to Finance & Technology

Twitter: @datascisalon
Web: datascience.salon/finance-and-technology/
Date (2021): December 1
Location (2021): Virtual
Cost (2021): Free to $45

The conference brings together specialists in the finance and technology data science fields to educate one another, illuminate best practices, and innovate new solutions in a casual atmosphere.

Who should attend: Senior data scientists and data decision makers

The Responsible AI Forum

Twitter: @TRAIF2021
Web: responsibleaiforum.com
Date (2021): December 5—8
Location (2021): Virtual
Cost (2021): €45 to €675

This three-day event brings together members of industry, civil society, government, and academia to discuss the most relevant and pressing issues related to the responsible use of AI through shared stories, cutting-edge research, and practical applications. Organizers also aim to encourage exchange between research and practice through productive discussion and demonstration.

Who should attend: Anyone involved the field of artificial intelligence


Make your choices soon and mark your calendars. Prices may vary based on how early you register. Also, remember that hotel and travel costs are generally separate from the conference pricing.

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