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Ultimate Guide to Big Data in Healthcare

by Stephen R.
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big data in healthcare

Big data in healthcare verifies the real – life time data that collect and organizing the information about the doctors, patients and staff and non – staff in the hospital.

Big data

  • Big data is a large or more volume set of distinct and complex data from the sources of data.
  • It has huge volume data set of source including the type of big data are structured data, semi – structured data and unstructured data and the big data includes the data mining, processing, analyzing, visualization and data sharing.
  • Big data – New technology and opportunities for enhancing the business and it can be used to analyze the data and it leads to take the better decision – making on the business and using the strategies of market for better business moves.
  • Big data has much application like banking, transportation, manufacturing, IT, retail, IOT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, healthcare and so on. Big data has many case studies and some of them are Wal – Mart, American express, Uber, Netflix, procter, gamble and so on.
  • Big data characteristics or 4 V’s of big data are Volume (scalable data), Velocity (stream of data analysis), Variety (various form of data), Veracity (data uncertainty).
  • Big data analytics, estimate the technique of analytics against very large volume of set of distinct data including the structured data, unstructured data and semi structured data and analyze the various data set and finds Hidden pattern and provides better decision – making and enhance the business.

Big Data in Healthcare

  • Healthcare in big data is an activity of store, protect and analyze the data from the various sources. The healthcare, available to manage the individual medical reports of the patients, personalizing treatment for the patient and optimize the health by giving treatment with the previous medical report and the source of data including electronic health records (EHR), medical imaging, payor records, pharmaceutical research, wearable and so on.
  • Big data analytics in healthcare are used to tracking the performance of the individual practitioner and also track the population health and finds the risk of chronic disease for people.

Data Analytics in healthcare:

  • Data analysis in healthcare provide the analyzed medical products and solutions for the data analytics healthcare companies.
  • Analytics in healthcare, helps to deliver the reports of clinical observations of individual patient and care of patients with medicine based on the past medical reports and it can be used to minimization of operation cost.
  • There are many data analytics healthcare companies and some of the data analytics healthcare are IBM Watson, digital reasoning system, lingumatics, flatrion health, lumiate and so on.

Healthcare analytic quality:

 Big data, collects and organized the data or information from the different data sources. To optimize the information quality.

Diagnosis in better way:

  • Doctors or specialists making diagnosis in the way of guessing and guess doesn’t diagnosis accurate. Using of big data in healthcare, the data provided by the patients are on activity and mining on the data, doctors make the diagnosis accurate and accuracy depends upon the patient previous medical reports. For instance; if the doctor evaluate the patient, so he/she analyze the past medical report of the patient, it shows the certain disease and occurrence of disease possibility. Now, doctor can easily analyze and gives the medical treatment accurately.

Analytics in predictive:

  • The doctor or specialist have a medical report of the patient with the future health treatment for the patients.
  • He/she can predict the health of the patient and take some prevent measures to avoid serious condition and gives medical treatment to come out of the condition. This is specifically for detect such conditions like cancer, if any delay occurs in treatment may leads to serious condition.

Health tracking:

Big data analytics with internet of things (iot), which track the analysis of statistics of the user. The wearable functionality can detect the patient health status, sleep, walking, nutrition, rate of heart and so on.

Write For Us Technology


  • This is important and one of the most larger use in health care. In medicine, innovation create more advancement in this field.
  • In healthcare, big data increase the rate of speed of discovering medicine and optimization of the care quality. Big data in healthcare, important use for minimize the cost of healthcare. Using big data, the goal is to finds the problems and solutions for innovative and it helps to minimize the costs.

Wearable of function:

  • Companies wants the data used for the patient and specialist of the information and sources of the data and mining the data.
  • Wearable do not cross or interfere the activity of the users. User’s data can be collect, organizing and accurate data which can be directly from the user. For instance; Apple watch is used for monitoring the condition of heart.


  • Telemedicine technology is used for take care of people in remote areas or in distance. A specialist is in one location and he/she diagnosis the patient, and the patient is in another location. Telemedicine is used in remote areas for take care of patient by the remote clinical.
  • Telemedicine in big data, some of the ways are accessible in easy way, diagnosis the patient individual and accurate medical treatment and so on.
  • Big data in healthcare are used to analyze the data, store the data about the patient, doctors and other working staff in hospital. Healthcare in big data has a boon and growth technology application of big data.
  • It can analyze the patient medical report and give the treatment or advise to the patient, in personally. It can also give some advice from the specialist or doctor like to increase the immunity power, advice regarding fitness and so on.
  • Doctor or specialist analyze the patients past medical report and gives treatment and medicine based on the medical reports.

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