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Easy Steps For Validating Phone Numbers With Numverify

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Do you own a business, or are you a marketer who needs access to validated international and global phone numbers? You’ll need to explore a number APIcaller Numverify. This Application Program Interface offers you easier phone verification.

The lookup APIin this interface enables you to verify the phone numbers that people give you. Moreover, it offers a reverse phone API to lookup the location and country of the phone number you entered.

Read on to know more about Numverify and the steps to validate phone numbers with it. You’ll also learn the advantages of using API number lookup programs like Numverify.

What Is Numverify?

Numverify is a phone number APIand lookup API. Apilayer, an Austrian technology company, developed it to help businesses, startups, and individuals automate processes.

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Using REST JSON API, Numverify offers easy validation and information lookup. Moreover, as marketers and businesspersons, it makes it easy to lookup information from over 232 countries worldwide.

Additionally, it helps request numbers processed in real-time and cross-checked with JSON format. It also contains geographical location, line type data, and carrier details. A notable part about Numverify is that it lets you verify contact information at the time of entering the data into your database. Moreover, it also prevents fraudulent contact details.

Steps for Validating Phone Numbers With Numverify

Now that you know what Numverify is, you might wonder how to use it. It is pretty simple. You merely need to follow the below steps:

Step 1: Get API access key

The first step to validating a phone number with Numverify is to get an API access key. You can get it by entering the Numverify website and getting a free API access key. The access key is a unique password you receive once you sign up. You’ll merely need to attach the access key to the base endpoint URL. 

Step 2: Make the API request

Once you get an access key and have signed up for a free plan, you can make an API Request. Making this phone number API request is quite simple. At the end of the base endpoint URL, you merely enter the phone number and get a response after attaching the access key.

Optionally, you can set a country code, format, or callback at the end of the phone number to yield more lookup API responses.

Step 3: Understand the API response

After making an API request, you’ll get an API response. Most Numverify API responses are returned in universal and lightweight JSON format. Following are common JSON object responses to look for:

  • Valid – will display as true if the phone number you entered exists and is legitimate
  • Number – displays the phone number in a clean format without any special characters
  • Local format – indicates the national format of the phone number
  • International format –returns the international structure of the number with all the special characters and respective country code
  • Country prefix – displays only the country code prefix
  • Country code – displays the two-letter country code. For instance, it shows the US for the United States of America.
  • Country name – returns the entire country name attached to the phone number
  • Location – if the information is available, this object displays the location of the phone number.
  • Carrier – displays the carrier’s name that the phone number is registered. This enables marketers and businesses to eliminate fake profiles as it authenticates phone numbers. However, the carrier information is not available for all phone numbers.
  • Line type – returns the type of line the phone number is. It can be mobile, landline, toll-free, satellite, paging, and more.

Advantages Of Using Numverify

API number lookup programs like Numverify are helpful for businesses, startups, and individuals due to the authentication it offers. Other than that, there are several other advantages as listed below:

  • Using phone number verification is helpful for e-commerce, digital marketing, and sales objectives
  • Numverify offers various tools to validate the true identity of a phone number
  • It provides the geographical location of phone numbers to help businesses create strategies
  • If you are a business that works on appointments, Numverify has reverse phone API to help you minimize genuine visits
  • Such APIs save time and resources as it eliminates duplicity and irrelevancy

Notably, you can try Numverify for free before you decide to upgrade to their well-equipped packages.

Wrapping Up

Verification APIs like Numverify are helpful for businesses, marketers, and individuals to avoid fraud and spam.  It helps ensure the contact details available in databases are accurate and validated. Additionally, it ensures they are in use and legitimate.

The phone number API like Numverify works to authenticate the phone numbers and uses a reverse phone API to provide other information. Moreover, Numverify is a handy programming interface that will ease operations for individuals, startups, and businesses.

So, get in touch with Numverify, an Austrian technology, and focus strategies on real users through phone number validation.

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