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Top 5 Trends That Can Make A Positive Impact On The E-commerce Industry In 2022

by Khurshid Alam
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In this modern age, e-commerce is becoming more and more popular. People are using online shopping for a multitude of reasons: convenience, price competitiveness and the wide range available to them.

It has been argued that we have seen nothing yet in terms of where e-commerce can go. The e-commerce world is ever evolving. As technology advances so does consumer behavior. In this fast moving space, there are certain trends which can be predicted to have a big impact in 2022.

This article highlights the important e-commerce trends emerging in 2022.

1) Growth of Mobile Shopping

Mobile commerce is becoming a large part of e-commerce activity all over the world, especially due to growth in smaller malls and their giant customer bases . According to an online survey conducted by Statista , more than 2 billion people accessed the internet from smartphones or other handheld devices at least once per month as of early 2020. 

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As the world becomes increasingly digitized, it is expected that there will be an increase in the use of mobile phones to shop online or access other internet services (such as banking). For example, it is already quite common for people to use their phone’s browsers to make purchases on other websites. By 2020, researchers predict that 77% of  internet retail traffic will be from mobile devices.

2) AI and Machine Learning

With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the online market will be able to forecast products that users are looking for even before they search for it. This is expected to lead to improved personalization, better customer segmentation, and higher conversion rates

AI is a term often used to describe programs which can complete tasks in a way that would normally require human intelligence. Machines have been able to achieve this for decades, but recent advancements have meant that the technology has become far more advanced and therefore more useful (in some cases), and affordable (in most cases). The use of machine learning in e-commerce allows companies to make better decisions with their websites by analyzing data about them and using it to present consumers with better targeting offers online.

For example, if they know what you’ve purchased in the past then they may suggest similar things based on your previous interests. This means that they can increase sales numbers through such advertisements.

3. Better Payment Processing

There used to be two types of cards: credit and debit and there was always a clear line between how ‘real money’ and virtual money worked. Now we have “stored value” cards that you use like cash but pay later or prepaid cards that you load up first before using them – things are getting complicated! In the future, it’s likely these cards will make way for cryptocurrencies. This is because of the untraceable nature of cryptocurrency combined with its quickly advancing technology, making it a secure payment method.

The main reason why some customers abandon their carts during checkout on E-commerce sites is because they don’t want to go through cumbersome payment processes or they simply forget. For example, PayPal introduced real-time payments recently to make the process even more secure and instantaneous for buyers and sellers alike , thus leading them not having to worry about moving funds between their accounts.

4. Augmented Reality Transforms

E-commerce companies will add an extra layer of information to products and packages making them more interactive and informative than before. With the use of Augmented Reality, it would be possible for customers to see exactly how a product looks in real life or how a particular outfit would look on them without having to visit a store physically or try it on! Moreover, packaging could also let you know if this piece goes well with other items you already own or not.

In what was once considered merely a gimmick utilized by companies such as Snapchat, augmented reality has sparked an interest with companies who have begun using the technology within their products. By applying AR principles onto various platforms such as cosmetics or clothing, customers can preview how they look with certain products before purchasing them online. This is especially useful for people with disabilities who are unable to physically try clothing on before purchasing them.

5. The Rise of Virtual Reality

E-commerce customers will be able to ‘try’ on products before making a purchase!  With the rise of VR technology in 2022, customers would be able to shop for various items such as clothes and shoes from their own homes or offices by trying them on virtually instead of purchasing what they see physically.

VR stores would let customers pick out an outfit and try it on in real time using VR headsets and change colors, sizes and textures without ever having to step into a store physically. This is sure to save both time and energy. Moreover, if you accidentally end up not liking your choices after trying something on virtually, there’s no need to worry because you could always go in time through the day you made the orders, change sizes or colors and return it back with ease.

VR stores are most likely better than physical ones because they give customers access to an unlimited range of choices with different styles, patterns and fabrics within seconds.

Beacon technology can be used to send personalized push notifications to anyone who visits your store. These notifications will decrease the bounce rate allowing you to appeal to more potential buyers. Personalized push notifications decrease user fatigue allowing for upsell opportunities, which is great for businesses looking for higher sales volumes.

6. Personalization Is The Future

Personalization is quickly becoming a popular trend in the e-commerce world as companies are now allowing customers to curate their own collections, which can be personalized according to one’s personal preferences. With this type of technology, users will have the ability to shop according to one’s needs and wants without having to go through all the trouble of searching the web for products that they think match their tastes or meet certain criteria. For example, if you love blue but hate red you will not have any red items in your collection so you don’t have to worry about seeing it anymore!

With the help of personalization the customer has the access to customize their products by using filters so they are able to see only what they want. For instance, if a person wanted to have a top with unique colors, or unique styles of cuffs, he/she will be able to do so because the site allows for these things. This is beneficial for both customers and e-commerce companies as it enhances trust between them since all wants are being fulfilled without having to disappoint anyone. Also, it aids the bond that e-commerce companies have with their customers as it makes each relationship feel more special which increases overall satisfaction for everyone involved.


In 2022, e-commerce is going to grow significantly as more people have access to mobile devices and technology improves. AI will be used by retailers in order to offer better customer service while also improving your overall shopping experience; this competition increases with other businesses demanding similar services or products on their own websites–so there are tons of options for you!

Finally digital advertising becomes a primary method through which companies promote themselves online because it works well when targeting specific consumer demographics who may want what they sell (for example: women aged 25 – 45).

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