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Five Best Professional Data Visualization Tools

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Getting the most out of your data is a vital part of any business strategy. Having the proper tools and resources to analyze and visualize it is important to ensure you get the most out of them. Unfortunately, using Excel spreadsheets and CSV files isn’t always the best option.

Data visualization tools are handy tools that can help you quickly analyze and visualize your company’s performance. They can help you make better decisions and improve the efficiency of your organization. With the rise of digital businesses and the increasing number of data sources, data visualization software has become an essential component of any business strategy.

Due to the increasing number of e-commerce transactions, companies collect and analyze massive amounts of data. Having the proper tools and resources to visualize and analyze this data can help you improve the efficiency of your organization. In addition to providing insight into your customers’ behavior, data visualization software can also help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing and sales.

Still, insights extraction remains another required skill, unless you want to operate with such analytics as above 🙂 — source: iotforall.com

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Tableau is a powerful business intelligence platform that offers a wide variety of interactive charts, graphs, and pie charts. It also has a variety of other features, such as heat maps, dashboards, and infographics.

Tableau offers different versions of its software. The company’s flagship product is Tableau Desktop, which is a desktop version that runs on a Windows computer. Tableau Online, a self-service analytics solution, is also available in the cloud. Tableau Public, a free software version, is designed to provide simple and interactive charts and graphs based on data sources such as spreadsheets. Aside from these, Tableau offers a variety of other features that make it an ideal tool for analyzing e-commerce data.

With its advanced capabilities, such as security, accessibility, and collaboration, Tableau is a good choice for data scientists looking to build predictive models. It also has a variety of other features that make it easy to manage.

Zoho Analytics

With the help of a data visualization tool such as the Zoho Analytics, professionals can visualize various aspects of their company’s operations, such as sales, marketing, and profit. It’s also commonly used to visualize reports related to pipelines and sales. More than 500,000 businesses use the software, and two million of them have a paid option.

The free version of the software also comes with a limited number of reports. This is useful if you’re testing the waters to see which one is best suited for your business. Many other tools are similar to the one that comes with analytics software, such as marketing and sales software.


You may investigate a specific visitor’s behavior on a website and in an application while also gathering your audience under one service. The capabilities of Finteza’s services assist you in enhancing both the website and the application. For example, you may manage traffic quality to keep out spammers, monitor performance indicators to boost conversion rates and create persuasive funnels to identify weak points in the sales system.

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Funnel visualisation — source: Finteza

You can begin analyzing website traffic and conversions in Finteza, by simply creating an account in the system and uploading the Finteza code to your website. This is simple and easy to complete in a short amount of time. The Integration section contains instructions for connecting the system to websites powered by the most popular CMS.

Microsoft Power Bi

​​Another major player in the field of data visualization and business intelligence, Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool that can help you quickly and easily create interactive reports that monitor your e-commerce business’s performance. With Power BI, you can also easily add reports to your existing Microsoft software. It is ideal for small businesses that want to integrate their operations with Microsoft’s platform. The Power BI Pro plan is priced at just $9.99 per month.

For organizations that need more power, the Power BI Premium plan is available for $20 a month or $4,995 for a monthly capacity. It includes various features such as self-service data preparation and artificial intelligence.


Another popular option is Infogram, which can be used to create maps, charts, and reports. It’s also a great tool for creative professionals as it allows them to create infographics, commonly used in publications.

Its drag-and-drop editor can be very helpful for those who are new to the world of graphic design. Images can be saved as GIF or image files, and embedded in documents or HTML.

Before you choose a tool

Before you buy a data visualization software, there are some questions to ask the providers. You should ensure that the software is secure and that its customer support is strong.

In most cases, you need an experienced and accessible support team to help you navigate through the various obstacles that come with using a data visualization software. Before you buy software, it’s important that you understand its capabilities and how it can help you create reports and filter data. Also, make sure that the software has the necessary security compliance and encryption.

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