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Flaunt Your Positive Google Reviews with These WordPress Plugins

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Whether it is movies, products, hotels, or restaurants, consumers always search for reviews before making their purchase decision. And most of them explore Google reviews to get to know more about their product/service. And that is because no one wants to spend their hard-earned money on something that isn’t worth it. So how about showcasing the reviews on a website and making it simpler for your target audience to find Google reviews related to your brand.

If you have a WordPress website, and the idea mentioned above seems interesting to you, then this blog is especially for you. In this blog, you will find some of the best-rated WordPress plugins. With these Google review plugins, you can easily showcase reviews using Google review widget on your website, prove your cred, help your consumers’ buying decisions, and eventually achieve your desired business goals.

2022 – Best Rated Google Reviews WordPress Plugins (Try now)

Who wouldn’t like to travel the world with the best? On the one hand, we have the best review platform – Google review, and hence to complement it, it is important to have the best WordPress plugins for your best. And these plugins qualify for this category. You can find these plugins with ease and operate them with comfort. 

1. Tagembed – Google Reviews Plugin  

Tagembed is a well-known name in the market. It is considered one of the best social media aggregator tools. All thanks to its user-friendly interface, useful features, and pocket-friendly pricing plans; it has earned an excellent reputation in the market. It brings the same magic to its WordPress plugin, with its Google review WordPress plugin. 

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The plugin helps users collect Google reviews from the Google My Business account and then displays them beautifully on the WordPress website. By following a few simple steps, you can easily embed Google review widget on WordPress website and showcase reviews without any trouble.

Besides making the review process coding-free and straightforward, the plugin also provides helpful features that add great value. It provides the customization feature that allows users to make the widget as per their need. Here you can change font size, font style, the background of the widget, and more. Also, it provides the moderation feature that allows users to showcase reviews that they want to showcase and hide, which they think might misguide their target audience. Custom CSS, custom CTA, analytics, responsive widget, are some of the other major features of the plugin.

2. WP Customer Reviews

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Next on our list is WP Customer Reviews WordPress plugin, is another powerful plugin that uses shortcodes to display Google reviews on the WordPress website. The plugin is easily available on the WordPress plugin store and provides a simplified embedding solution.

It provides a dedicated Google review widget that works as a functional block on the website. This functional block helps in displaying Google reviews without hampering the speed and quality of the website. Like the tool mentioned above, by following some simple steps you can easily embed Google review widget on WordPress website.

Also, it feeds some useful features that add a great vault to this plugin. For example, users can customize the widget as per their needs and make it as per the style of their website. This uniformity improves the look and feel of the website and eventually improves the visual appeal. Also, with moderation, you can remove the unwanted reviews which you think might have some ill effect on your brand’s reputation.

3. Widget for Google Reviews        

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If you have a business, then reviews play a vital role for you. It helps your brand in developing a reputation, also when you display reviews on the website, it shows that your brand is transparent. That means your brand has nothing to hide and it acknowledges all the reviews and feedback from the consumers. Also, it builds a review cycle. How? – When brands mention their consumers’ reviews on the website, consumers feel value. And this encourages other consumers to provide the review, building a review cycle. So, in summary, adding Google reviews widget to the website provides great benefits for any users. 

Thanks to Widget for Google Reviews WordPress plugin you can achieve the above-mentioned feats. It is an incredible plugin that makes it easy for you to embed Google reviews on WordPress websites. With the help of this plugin, integrate the Google reviews platform with your website with ease and display live Google review feeds. As soon as someone uploads reviews related to your brand on your Google My Business account, the widget will display it without delay.

Summing it up…

Google reviews have the potential to help your business to grow and prosper. By opting to embed Google reviews on the WordPress website, you can extract great benefits from the platform and at the same time, establish your online presence. So try the plugins mentioned above, and take your business to new heights.

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