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How effective are Python libraries for business development?

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How effective are python

Many company leaders face numerous tech-related challenges. They want to ramp up how their companies use machine learning, big data analytics, and other offerings that could help them become more profitable and resilient. There’s no single solution for overcoming these obstacles. However, Python libraries offer many advantages that promote business development and scalability.

Many newly hired developers would be familiar with Python libraries

Some leaders decide to expand their IT and development teams to meet business goals. Research indicates people should expect a healthy level of hiring activity this year. A 2023 study from CoderPad found 45.7% of tech recruiters expect to have an expanded hiring budget this year. Another 23% intend to hire more than 50 developers this year.

Business leaders that want to hire more developers should easily find those that know Python and have used Python libraries. Consider how data from Statista showed Python was the fourth most used programming language among the world’s developers in 2022. Just over 48% of the studied professionals indicated using it.

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Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/793628/worldwide-developer-survey-most-used-languages/

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In another case, a 2022 Stack Overflow study found Python is particularly popular with people learning to code. A snippet of the survey results below shows Python in third place among that group.

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Source: https://survey.stackoverflow.co/2022/#most-popular-technologies-language-learn

That suggests even if business leaders don’t hire Python developers right away, a significant percentage of the up-and-coming coders will know Python and be ready to use its libraries in their work.

Python is incredibly versatile

A 2021 JetBrains developer survey sought to learn the most common ways these professionals use Python. The possibilities are nearly endless, as shown in the results below.

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Source: https://www.jetbrains.com/lp/devecosystem-2021/python/

The great thing about Python libraries is that they accelerate developers’ workflows by allowing them to accomplish more tasks with increased simplicity. Some libraries allow people to use single lines of code to generate visualizations.

Others address the gap between machine learning development and production, helping companies learn faster. The code may be rewritten within a different framework before production without the help provided by Python libraries. That step lengthens the time frame before companies benefit from machine learning.

Python libraries could help business leaders start using technology in new ways. The shorter time frames and resource reductions made possible through Python libraries can empower executives and tech teams, especially when budgetary constraints pose problems.

Libraries enable enhancing the functionality of existing programs

Python libraries also support business development by making it easier for developers to expand what existing programs written in Python can do. Python has a built-in standard library for data manipulation and text processing.

However, many developers quickly realize they must do more to meet their employers’ needs, and the standard library falls short. Fortunately, the Python libraries they can find elsewhere often provide the resources needed to fill the gap.

Python libraries can help businesses that need an application to clean up information before it’s used elsewhere or assist leaders that want to prioritize data-backed decision-making in the coming year. In one instance, researchers created a Python library to check a data set’s anonymity. That could help executives who want to explore more ways to capitalize on data usage without sacrificing privacy.

Developers can use something from a Python library to give an existing program an additional function rather than starting from scratch. That’s a strong example of how Python libraries support current and emerging business needs while making developers’ workloads more manageable.

Python libraries can help fight developer burnout

One of the most significant advantages of Python libraries is that they let developers reuse code across multiple applications, reducing the amount of coding they must do by hand. It’s also beneficial that volunteers run most Python libraries and make their content freely available to anyone.

Python libraries make developers’ jobs a bit easier, and that can make a huge difference when those professionals are already under tremendous pressure and juggling intensive demands. Consider how 39% of developers said increasing workloads and requests from other teams contributed to their burnout, while 37% blamed digital transformation pressures.

Python libraries are not magic fixes, but they can allow developers to do more in less time.

That’s not to say Python libraries are without risks. Reversing Labs — which specializes in security for the software supply chain — studied the Python Package Index repository. The researchers found malicious packages that mimic legitimate Python libraries. Some of them even contain password-stealing malware.

Business leaders considering increasing their utilization of Python libraries must try to strike a balance. That means understanding the challenges these libraries can bring while simultaneously realizing these sources can offer burnout relief to overtaxed developers.

How could Python libraries help your business?

This overview shows why and how Python libraries can support business development and unlock tech opportunities. However, as with any resource used for your organization, it’s wise to assess your specific situation and determine whether Python libraries could help overcome some of the identified development challenges. Consider using them for a few well-defined purposes first, then scaling up their role in your organization if the evidence warrants it.

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