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How To Get Shortlisted for Your Dream Job Interview with Modern Looking Resume Examples

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Have you become tired of sending out too many resumes with no response?

The problem may not be you for not landing your dream job; it could be your resume.

These days, it takes more work to stand out and get recognized because hiring managers receive hundreds of applications for each job posting.

Even though you have all the qualifications hiring managers are searching for, your resume might not be getting the attention it deserves if you’re still using an outdated format.

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Fortunately, in this article, we’ll show you how to resolve this all-too-common issue. With resume examples and our industry-standard tips, you can create a shortlist-worthy resume highlighting your qualifications!

Tips to Draft Modern Resume

  1. First, check the style of your resume template. It should match who you are as a job seeker. Your modern resume design should convey to an employer that you are forward-thinking, trendy, and stylish in addition to being simple to read and pleasing to the eye. A traditional resume design can be a better choice if you want to project a more conventional, buttoned-up image.
  1. Your resume template should not only reflect you as a job seeker, but also the company culture you hope to work for. A design with a subtle flare is a terrific approach to stand out when applying for jobs in marketing or media, for instance. These sectors are ideal for our Modern templates.
  1. Always update your resume format so that an application tracking system (ATS) can quickly examine them. This software screen resumes to weed out unqualified candidates. Also, be sure to structure everything properly because, after parsing resume, the recruiters will have all your details further classified.
  1. A modern resume is skimmable because it has headers for the various sections that are bigger, bold, and clearly distinguished from the material that follows before and after them. White space is also optimized to make it easier in the eyes of the recruiter. 
  1. Speaking about fonts used in resume, there are countless possibilities available nowadays. However, this does not imply that you may pick any font for your modern resume at last it is a resume and should look professional.

Serif fonts feel very old, but the brain can understand them quickly. Using sans-serif for the body text or the header and serif for the other, as long as they go well together, is a common strategy to make a resume stand out. 

Use a universal font for compatibility and stay away from script typefaces and anything else that is too “fun,” because it might get difficult to read, and don’t shrink the font to cram in more text.

Key Takeaway

Modern resumes combine a professional aesthetic with the best text arrangement and readability for both humans and the applicant tracking system.

  • Include a summary or objective, specialized abilities, and a list of accomplishments.
  • Modern = Simple. Use as much whitespace as possible, make it easy to scan, and keep it brief.
  • Make your modern resume stand out by including original fonts, icons, bar graphs, and social network accounts.
  • It should be ATS-readable. Remember that an ATS program may review your modern resume before a human recruiting manager has an opportunity.

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