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8 Reasons Why You Should Use Paper Tubes For Your Industrial Business

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Recycling is just one of the many perks of using paper tubes at your industrial business. Most industrial businesses can benefit from adding cardboard tubes to their tool kit. Read on to learn more about paper tube manufacturers and what makes them a viable choice for B2B.

What Are Paper Tubes?

Paper tubes are versatile cylindrical tubes or pipes made from paper. The tubes have a circular or square cross-section and can come in any length. Depending on the specific application, the diameter can also vary. Paper tubes are made from wood pulp. This kind of pulp is also used to make many other items such as newsprint, tissue paper, and even toilet paper.

Their manufacture involves forcing the melted wood pulp and pressuring it into becoming a mold. The molten material is forced out once the mold is complete and cooled to solidify into shapes of tubes or rings.

Paper tube packaging is the best solution for businesses that want to leverage cost-effective methods of storing and shipping products. Manufacturers looking for smart packaging solutions should look no further than acquiring paper tube products for their commodities.

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Why Do Industrial Businesses Use Paper Tubes?

The demand for paper tubes by industrial businesses is becoming a revolution. The intense race to use paper tubes has led to their production on a mass commercial scale.

Here are the advantages of using paper tubes:


Paper tubes are made from recycled materials, making them affordable for most businesses. Your business can save money by using these products instead of plastic or metal ones. In fact, paper tubes can be 60 percent less expensive than materials like wood and metal. Companies can also sell these products at lower prices, allowing them to profit from every sale made.


The tubes are durable and endure rough handling without breaking. Manufacturers use them to package products that are very bulky and large. Paper tubes can be manufactured to be various shapes and sizes, all of which are long-lasting. The way that the tubes are designed means the product inside fits snugly and has limited movement.

Excellent Insulation Properties

Paper tubes are heat-resistant. They reduce heat transfer, thus enabling food processing plants to maintain temperature control during production processes. Temperature control is vital for product quality consistency and safety requirements.

It also means that paper tubes work well for long distance transportation. Industrial businesses that offer shipping to locations around the country can utilize the insulation of paper tubes to ensure their products make it to their destinations safely.

Paper Tubes Are Biodegradable

These tubes are a sustainable option when it comes to the environment. Paper tubes decompose fast and leave no toxic residue behind after disposal. Industries that embrace paper tubes help reduce the amount of waste they produce and avert a landfill crisis.

Especially now that consumers and businesses are becoming more environmentally conscious, paper tubes provide the perfect solution. Because they are recyclable, businesses will not contribute to the electricity that is required to make brand new packaging materials. 


Paper tubes are not ripped open by consumers or machinery used in manufacturing. This means businesses do not have to worry about the tubes or the products being damaged during transportation or storage.


Paper tubes do not get damaged when stored at high temperatures, such as in areas that experience hot sunny weather conditions. These features make the tubes very effective for packaging purposes. Businesses can transport them from one place to another without issue.

Industries like healthcare, postal, and art require consistent temperatures to ensure the products stay in good condition. Businesses within these industries should take advantage of the hardy nature of paper tubes to ensure the safety of their products.


Paper tubes are very light, making them easy to carry and transport from one place to another. The weight is customizable to meet the requirements of your business. For example, industries can reduce the weight by cutting the tube into smaller pieces or making it thinner.

Because paper tubes are so lightweight, you can ship more of them with the same amount of fuel. All space within the paper tube is used, so there is no wasted material or area.

They Offer Extra Product Protection During Shipping

Delicate items such as wires and cables risk damage. The risk intensifies during shipping if they are not well packaged. Paper tubes will reduce the risk of damage during shipping and protect the items from damage while in transit.

Drawbacks of Using Paper Tubes

While paper tubes are an excellent choice for businesses, they have the following disadvantages:

  • Not as strong or durable as plastic or metal
  • Not water-resistant
  • Not good for flat products

Meeting Paper Tube Manufacturers in the US

Businesses need to work with leading paper tube manufacturers. Such companies have honed the quality of their paper tubes to meet industrial-grade requirements. Contact a paper tube manufacturer to learn more about what they can provide for your company.

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