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Some Guidelines Before You Partner With an App Development Firm

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It is said that developing visionary products requires the input of several persons and their collaborative efforts. It is particularly true in respect of app projects. This is why the development team responsible for working on your app project should be taken on board after a rigorous process of evaluation. 

If you are hiring a mobile app development company for your project, how to go about it? Is there any time tested measure to hire the best development company for your app project? Here below, we provide some time-honoured guidelines to partner with an app development company.

Get a closer look at the Portfolio

It is said that your work speaks for itself more than your tall claims. Well, this is why evaluating a development company should always begin by taking a closer look at the Portfolio of the company’s completed projects. The Portfolio of completed app projects, apart from providing you with an idea of the strengths of the company in some niches, Portfolio can also explain the features, platforms and technologies the company is versed with. 

When you hire remote software developers for your app project, try to access a complete list of apps that they have built so far. Now, it is wise to ask them about the projects before downloading some important ones and check the features and functionalities, user experience and performance of those apps. Finally, you can contact the respective companies and ask them about their experience in working with the development company in question. Don’t hesitate to ask the development firm whether the same developers for these projects are still working for the company.  

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Particular Platforms They Are Specialised With 

The second most important factor is the expertise and exposure of the development company to any particular OS platform. Did they mostly build native iOS apps, or are they more experienced with Android app development? 

Do they have a mixed portfolio representing almost all types of apps, from native iOS and Android apps to hybrid and web apps to cross-platform apps? In that case, you need to inquire about which platform or app type is the most successful of their app projects. 

Technology Stack 

The development skills and capabilities of the development company should fully match your requirements. You can go deeper into their tech skills after making a shortlist of development companies with a portfolio of apps for required OS platforms. 

If you are looking for expert Android app developers, having Java and XML skills is considered just the basics. But you should look for developers who can use the latest official language of Android called Kotlin. Similarly, you need iOS developers having great exposure to Swift, SwiftUI, Xcode and iOS-specific technologies. It would be great if you had developers with React Native, Flutter, or Xanarin skills for cross-platform development. 

QA Testing 

This is more related to the development process and the best development practices. Any accomplished development company is likely to have a robust QA testing process to ensure smooth debugging and optimum quality. 

Does the company have a dedicated QA testing team, or do they equip every development team with one or two QA testing experts? What kind of IT infrastructure do they have for carrying out rigorous user testing, performance testing, stress and load testing and such procedures? All these questions you need to ask. 

Maintenance and support

It is always ideal to partner with a company that will look after app development and app maintenance, updates, and customer support. It can be disastrous for a project to hire a different company for maintenance and support other than the company responsible for developing the app. This is why you need to inquire about their maintenance and update support and what dedicated resources they have for the same. 

Development time and methodology

Another crucial consideration is how the company adheres to the committed deadline and the milestones for every app project. This can hugely impact your time to market the app for a competitive gain. When researching their Portfolio, previous clients always inquire whether they make timely delivery. 

Adherence to project deadlines and milestones also depend tremendously on the development methodologies and processes. Is the development company in question versed with the latest methodologies such as Agile, DevOps, Scrum, RAD, etc., or do they only follow the traditional and outdated waterfall methodology? These are the things you need to inquire about. 

Budget and pricing 

Last but not least, key considerations for hiring a development company are the rate or pricing for the project. Though the project’s complexity, feature set, tech stack, and complexity ultimately determine the development time and rate, you should always bargain on the hourly rate for the developers.

In this respect, it is always wise to remember that pricing always comes as the last consideration when all other qualitative considerations are fully met and accomplished. You should only go for the most competitively priced quotation among the development companies that already have passed the quality test as per the above-mentioned factors. 


In the app development world, partnership with the right development company can ultimately decide the success or failure of an app project. If you are into the app business, you must know how a reliable development company, by staying at your side for all kinds of development solutions, pushes your business to grow and your brand to the limelight. 

Most importantly, a stable partnership with a development company keeps you completely free from all worries corresponding to digital solutions so that you can concentrate on your core business operation and strategic decisions. 

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