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Striking a Balance Between Hyperautomation and Human Intervention

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Although Hyperautomation is a relatively new approach to automation, it is fast becoming one of the biggest technological trends in modern workplaces. According to a Gartner survey, 85% of respondents said they’re planning to “either increase or sustain their organization’s Hyperautomation investments over the next 12 months”. Despite all of these benefits, implementing a hyperautomation strategy for your organization will not solve all your issues.

What is Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation is a concept that involves identifying and automating as many business processes as possible within your organization in a concise time. To achieve such a rapid pace of automation, organizations often employ multiple digital tools and technologies.

Hyperautomation involves automating everything and anything possible within an organization. The goal is to totally transform an organization’s processes using a unified intelligent system that can run with as little human intervention as possible.

Hyperautomation Trends in 2023

In 2023, Hyperautomation is expected to take center stage in business operations in various organizations across different industries. It is growing from being just another fancy concept to a necessity for every organization that is serious about succeeding. Here are some of the trends that we’re likely to see:

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The Convergence of Hyperautomation Technologies

Usually, an Hyperautomation initiative in any organization will be powered by different technologies and software suits. In the coming years, these technologies will no longer be as fragmented as they used to be. RPA software providers will no longer offer just RPA software solutions. Instead, we’ll see the growth of vendors that provide a combination of RPA, BPM, AI, and other hyperautomation technologies under the same umbrella. The convergence of these hyperautomation technologies will be a dominant theme in the coming years.

The Birth Of Bot As A Service

In every rapidly growing digital tech industry, the “as-a-service” model can be expected sooner or later. These ready-to-use services will make it easier for organizations looking for more straightforward and affordable solutions. You can expect a “Bot-as-a-Service” trend in the industry in 2022.

Citizen Developers Will Take Center Stage

Companies looking to implement hyperautomation initiatives in their organization will have to rely on tech-savvy non-IT professionals. These people, commonly known as citizen developers, will be valuable to the hyperautomation drive of the future. With the help of citizen developers, enterprises can build a comprehensive hyperautomation framework using low-code automation platforms.

Pros and Cons of Hyper Automation

There is no doubt that hyperautomation offers numerous benefits for businesses. It can help streamline and automate manual processes. The result is increased productivity and consistency across an organization. That’s not to say that hyperautomation is without its downsides. The following are the pros and cons of Hyper Automation:

Pros of Hyperautomation

  • Using a suite of digital tools to implement automation can help improve flexibility and agility across an organization
  • Hyperautomation boosts employees’ productivity as it frees up more time to focus on more important tasks while the mundane ones are set on auto-pilot
  • Integrating new digital technology across various processes can improve stakeholders’ access to real-time data and accurate insights
  •   Hyper Automation boosts communication and team collaboration throughout the organization

Cons of Hyperautomation

  • Automating rapidly―which is typically the case with hyperautomation―can quickly make human roles redundant
  • Hyperautomation often requires changes or upgrade to IT infrastructure that may be costly
  • Hyper Automation often comes with a responsibility to train or retrain employees to handle new automation technologies
  • Using corresponding data and systems increases data security threats to an organization. Hence, investment in data governance may be necessary to monitor vulnerabilities and protect sensitive data.

Why Is Human Touch Very Important In Automation?

Although hyperautomation technologies continue to grow at an unprecedented rate, the future of work is not devoid of human efforts.

In fact, some industries will be unable to replace human expertise and supervision with automation. Fields like healthcare, hospitality, education, and so on where soft skills and empathy are a valuable part of what they do have a relatively low technical potential for hyperautomation.

Machines can complete many tasks faster than humans do and will do so to a much higher degree of accuracy.

Using machines also ensures consistency of service models. But hyperautomation cannot displace or overtake the human touch entirely. Even in industries where automation is easier to achieve, humans will still play crucial roles in implementing automation strategies and taking up supervisory roles.

At the end of the day, the best use of automation solutions will be to augment and improve human performance by automating specific tasks. The future of work is an ecosystem where humans and automation become co-workers and not one where they compete.

In implementing a hyperautomation strategy, organizations must look beyond replacing their human workforce. Instead, the focus should be identifying areas where automation will produce the maximum benefits, optimizing resources, and improving overall productivity. Taking an inclusive, human-centered approach to hyperautomation will prove to be a more practical strategy in the long run.


Hyperautomation and all the technological development that comes with it are meant to complement human capabilities rather than replace them. To stay competitive in the modern world, organizations will have to strike a critical balance between digital process automation and human intervention.

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