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Top 10 IoT Platforms based on Customer Reviews

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IoT platform boasts of a multi layer technology which plays a vital role in the management and automation of different connected device, referred to as IoT platform.

It is recognized to be a service which is useful in bringing different physical objects online. This platform offers different services for connecting the device for ensuring an effective machine to machine communication.

Internet of Things or IoT is recognized to be software which is useful in connecting different access points, edge hardware and data networks to the specific other end, which is known to be the end user application.

The ultimate benefit of this platform is serving as the middleware for the connection of applications and devices to the other end. It comprises of a mixture of functions such as gateway device, controllers and sensors, analysis of data, communication network, translating software as well as end application service.

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Here is a list of the top ten IoT Analytics Solutions, in accordance with the customer reviews:

Google Cloud Platform

It stands second to none in offering a multi layered secure infrastructure. It plays a vital role in bringing an improvement in the operational efficiency. It also offers a predictive maintenance for the equipment, solutions for buildings and smart cities, as well as real time asset tracking. It bestows support for a bunch of embedded operating system.

Besides this, it also offers real time business insights for a bunch of globally dispersed devices. It also bestows different machine learning abilities for different IoT requirements. This platform also features location intelligence and AI capabilities.


Particle offers the prerequisite Internet of Things Solution for device cloud, connectivity, hardware and applications. It offers three products for connectivity which include Mesh, Wi-Fi and Cellular.

As the IoT software, it offers device cloud, device OS, developer tools, and IoT Rules Engine. Opti utilizes this platform on an extensive scale for training the weather casting product. Besides this, it offers a reliable and robust infrastructure.

You do not need any special skills or expertise to use this platform. It stands second to none in offering all in one solution for the software, hardware, and connectivity.

Salesforce IoT Cloud

This platform is useful in the transformation of data that is generated by partners, customers, sensors and devices into different relevant actions. It lets you test the ideas of business without any programming.

It also offers the real data, regarding the performance and usage of the product. It can function with the data from different devices. It is possible to create different device profiles for the streaming of data from different connected devices and customer context data, present in CRM.

Thing Worx

It is another IoT platform which plays a vital role in the management of development lifecycle for different IoT applications. It offers flexibility for accessing data as well as IoT from the off-premise, on-premises as well as from the hybrid environment.

In addition to this, it also stands second to none in reducing costs, enhancing the up-time, role based visibility, control, as well as improved compliance. It is possible to get access to application data and Industrial IoT from off-premise cloud application, on-premise web services and as the hybrid environment.

IBM Watson IoT

This Internet of Things stands second to none in capturing as well as investigating the data for the machine, devices, equipment. It is also useful in finding the specific understanding to make an informed decision.

It is also beneficial in the optimization of resources and operations. By offering the right insights to the business as well as bidirectional communication facility, it has gained high popularity in enhancing the revenue.

Amazon AWS IoT Core

This IoT platform plays a vital role in connecting the devices to the cloud. It is considered to be the managed cloud service which enables the devices to get connected to the cloud as well as interact with different cloud applications.

In addition to this, it bestows support to lightweight communication protocol, HTTP, as well as MQTT. Furthermore, it is capable of processing a wide assortment of messages.

Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

It is regarded as one of the well renowned IoT solution which is designed for a plethora of industry requirements. It is beneficial for retail, transportation and manufacturing sector.

In addition to this, it offers different solutions for predictive maintenance, remote monitoring, connected products and smart spaces. It offers an open platform for the development of robust application.

Samsung Artik Cloud

It is another effective solution for the cloud, software and hardware services. It is capable of collecting different kinds of data such as real time, continuous, discrete, historic, etc. It bestows in-built security to applications, devices as well as user interaction. It is possible to monitor the connectivity of different devices, present in cloud with the aid of this platform. It also helps in the monetization of data that is shared by a plethora of Internet of Things devices.

Oracle IoT

With the aid of this platform, it is possible to connect different devices to the cloud. In addition to this, it is useful in conducting data analysis from such devices in real time. Besides this, it performs the data integration with web services or enterprise application. It enables the creation of IoT application and connection of device to Android, JavaScript, iOS, C POSIX, Java, etc.

Cisco IoT Cloud Connect

It is recognized to be a cloud based software suite which is exclusively for the mobile operators. It will be optimizing as well as utilizing the network completely. Additionally, it offers a plethora of IoT solutions for security, networking, as well as management of data.

For ensuring the security of Internet of Things, it offers advantages to bestow protect on to the control system from attacks and human errors.

These IoT platforms are recognized to be crucial building blocks. They allow Artificial Intelligence on an extensive scale. These platforms have the ability to handle bulk volume of data from different customers, devices, and websites, applications and sensors for providing a real time response.

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