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What Are the Top 10 Android App Development Trends?

by Stephen R.
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Native Android apps cover more than %85 of the smart app market. The reason is that Android is the most demanding and common type of smartphone operating system. Google Play Store has more than 3 million Android apps.

It includes games, social media apps, calendar apps, enterprise apps, and browsers. Android app developers keep attention to making the app user-friendly. Moreover, they keep updating the apps based on market trends and needs. So, if you have any idea to build a Native Android app, you can consider art app developers. Do you want to know how to develop an Android app?

What Are The Top 10 Android App Development Ideas?

If you want to build your Native Android app, but don’t have an idea of the market trends, we can help you. This Beginners Guide For Android App Development has the top 10 app ideas. So, go through it and decide what you can offer to users based on your interests. Moreover, you can say we have analyzed the market trends and brought these ideas to you.

1.    Instant Android Apps:

These are the most uncommon types of mobile app development. Still, this development is popular with Android app developers. These types of apps let users try games and apps without even needing to install the application on their smartphones. So, users don’t have to download the apps. Also, they can use the app without installing it.

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Mostly, developers use it to build e-commerce businesses and games. So, they don’t have to use unnecessary system interruptions, and users have complete access to the apps. They provide more space and better UI/UX.

2.    Voice Assistant/Chatbots:

Nowadays, mobile apps include some advanced features like chatbots and voice assistants. Similarly, some developers add Google assistants and chatbots in their apps. So, you can try to build Native Android voice assistants that you can offer as a third-party service. It helps developers of mobile apps provide crucial content without delays. Day by day, the number of voice assistant users is increasing. Of course, it’s fun to interact with an assistant. The reason is users don’t have to perform tasks to command their smartphones.

3.    5G:

The internet speed has increased with the introduction of 5G technology. So, more than 1.4 billion devices have increased data transmission. If you want to build large apps like complex games and software, you can do it with 5G technology. It lets the developer build large apps with a significant amount of data. So, if you have any feature-rich app ideas, you can build a Native Android app on it. Some people have a common question, How To Develop an Android App having more data and information. 5G is the solution for them.

4.    On-demand Android Apps:

Do you know about on-demand Android apps? It’s one of the best mobile app development trends for Android devices. Users need to perform routine tasks rapidly, repeatedly, and comfortably, and these apps help them. You can build a native Android app on beauty, healthcare, grocery, food delivery, retail, and other businesses. It helps users access services based on their location and preferences. So, you can serve your customers instantly with an on-demand Android app.

5.    Mobile Wallets:

Nowadays, most smartphone users know about wallets. Some Android apps like GPay, PhonePe, Paytm, and many more are examples of mobile wallets. Users are using these platforms to improve their banking experiences. You can offer any banking app or wallet to let users perform transactions. Of course, the trend in 2020 and 2021 is to use payment gateways because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, the trend beyond 2022 will be to minimize human efforts. Also, people are looking for more and more secure transactions. So, you can build a wallet app for Android users.

6.    Build AR/VR:

Nowadays, Augmented Reality helps mobile apps improve user experience. Mostly, AR and VR are useful for mobile gaming apps. It helps create large files with data and objects for entertainment. You can say, AR and VR create a virtual world that satisfies the user.

7.    E-commerce Mobile Apps:

One of the most trending businesses is e-commerce. Even if there are e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, and Alibaba, there is no limit to building your e-commerce app. Users love buying stuff online. So, you can use this opportunity and build an app that provides something that users don’t get from other apps. It includes local goods. You can let users customize the products according to their lifestyle and requirements.

8.    Enterprise Solutions/Security Systems:

Do you use email and bank apps? More than 50% of smartphone users use enterprise software and security systems on their smartphones. Owners like to keep watch on the industry activities. So, your Native Android apps help them do it. You can target specific groups of industries with your smartphone solution.

9.    Cloud-based Apps:

Nowadays, the size of data like images and videos increased with the camera quality. Also, users create large files through editing software and want to keep them safe. Additionally, some apps require clou6space to operate. So, the majority of Android app developers use Cloud space to develop Android apps. It helps to load apps quickly.

10. Android Apps For Gadgets:

Apart from mobile app development, you can build Android apps for smart TVs, gadgets, and wearables. It is one of the best ideas from this Beginners Guide For Android App Development. You can design apps for smart TVs, smartwatches, and gadgets using the Android operating system.

Android Apps On Blockbuster Technologies:

Including Blockchain technologies for Android app development helps to bring transparency and security. You can try apps for the financial sector. Banking, Currency Exchange, and many more. According to one survey, more than 84% of companies use mobile apps developed from Blockchain technologies. The reason is it provides the following advantages.

·       Blockchain technologies reduce data loss.

·       If the network fails, it deploys data to work seamlessly.

·       Blockchain android apps are more safe and secure for data encryption.

AI & Machine Learning:

Cloud computing helps create AI models that regulate the procedures to perform tasks. So, it helps organizations with computing strength. Modern AI has enhanced the productivity of apps and games by more than 40%. However, Android app developers said AI has its strengths and weaknesses. It helps them automate some tasks. Moreover, the developers use it to add image identification, language processing, and data analytics. It helps developers improve the user experience. Modern AI and Machine Learning have improved the utilization of smartphones and processors. So, users seek more and more automatic apps.

What Are Most Common Android App Features?

Some apps like e-commerce, banking, and industry software need the following features.

·       Create/Run shops with real-time locations.

·       Secure payment gateways.

·       Customized user experience with notifications and offers.

·       Simple and easy to learn user interface.

Wrapping Up:

Did you understand how to build an Android app? We have discussed how Android App Developers can create apps based on different app ideas. So, if you don’t know how to develop an Android app, you can use one of these ideas. If you have an idea and need developers, you can hire a smart app development company to build your app. If you still have any questions regarding Native Android app development and app ideas, let us know. We will solve your queries.

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