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10 Top App Development Companies in Florida

by Mack G
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Florida, known for its sunny beaches and vibrant culture, is also emerging as a hotbed for technology and innovation. From Miami to Orlando and everywhere in between, the state is home to a thriving ecosystem of app development companies. These firms are at the forefront of turning creative ideas into functional, user-friendly, and visually stunning mobile applications.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top app development companies in Florida that are making waves in the tech industry.

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Indium Software:

Indium Software is a fast-growing Digital Engineering company, focused on building modern solutions across Applications, Data, and Gaming for its clients. With deep expertise in next-gen offerings combining data and applications, Indium offers a wide range of services including Product Engineering, Low-Code development, Data Engineering, Ai/ML, Digital Assurance, and end-to-end Gaming services.

Over the past two decades, Indium has built deep relationships with Fortune 500, Global 2000, as well as born-digital companies across industries such as BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Retail, and Digital Native & Technology — in North America, India, Europe, and APAC. It has also built strong partnerships with leading hyperscalers, low-code, and data partners such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Mendix, Striim, and Databricks.

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Mercury Development

Located in Miami, Mercury Development is a powerhouse in the app development world. They specialize in iOS, Android, and web development, creating cutting-edge applications for startups and established businesses. Their portfolio boasts apps in various sectors, from healthcare to e-commerce.


With a strong presence in both Florida and globally, Icreon is known for its innovative approach to app development. Their services encompass strategy, design, and development. They work with clients across various industries, from finance to healthcare.


Based in Orlando, Simpalm is a mobile app development company that excels in crafting user-friendly and scalable applications. Their expertise extends to iOS, Android, and web development, making them a versatile choice for businesses of all sizes.


With an office in Tampa, Eleks is a renowned app development company that combines technology, business acumen, and design expertise. They provide end-to-end solutions, offering clients the whole package from ideation to launch.

Echo Interaction Group

Located in the heart of Florida, Echo Interaction Group specializes in creating custom mobile applications for a wide range of industries. Their agile approach to app development ensures that clients get the solution they need.


XeoDev, situated in Tampa, is a full-service app development agency that offers both web and mobile app development. They are known for their commitment to delivering innovative and customer-focused solutions.

App Makers LA

App Makers LA is a Miami-based app development company with a strong focus on iOS and Android app development. Their collaborative approach and attention to detail have earned them a reputation for excellence.


Located in Tampa, TechAffinity provides end-to-end app development services, including concept validation, development, and ongoing maintenance. Their expertise spans various sectors, including healthcare, finance, and retail.


This Miami-based app development company specializes in creating custom software and mobile applications for businesses. They are committed to helping clients leverage technology for growth and efficiency.


Concepta, headquartered in Orlando, is a mobile app development company that excels in user-centered design and development. They create apps that not only look great but also offer a seamless user experience.

In conclusion, Florida’s app development companies are turning the state into a tech haven, offering innovative and versatile solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you have a startup idea or are looking to revamp an existing application, these top app development companies in Florida can help transform your vision into a digital reality.

With their expertise, creativity, and dedication, the future of app development in the Sunshine State is looking brighter than ever.

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