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10 Top Data Warehousing Companies in USA 2021

by Stephen R.
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top data warehouse companies

Top Data Warehousing Companies

Are you one of those businesses who desire to grow strong with data-led actionable decisions? If you are, you need the best data warehousing solutions. For service-seekers like you, DataFlareUp presents a list of Top Data Warehousing Companies, apt for all kind of data operations for your team. 

Here are the DataFlareUp listed data warehousing service providers:

List of Top Data Warehouse Companies | Best Data Warehouse Service Providers

In order to help you choose the right software solution, we’ve listed some of the top data warehousing companies you can consider.

  • Indium Software
  • Snowflake
  • Microsoft Azure Synapse
  • Google BigQuery
  • Oracle Autonomous Warehouse
  • Yellowbrick Data
  • Amazon Redshift
  • IBM Db2 Warehouse
  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
  • Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse

Indium Software

We build data warehousing for our customers to achieve their Data to Intelligence objectives.

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Our solutions Include consulting on database design and set-up, cloud data migration, data modelling and architecting, data integration from multiple data sources, enterprise data management services, data governance and set up a roadmap to manage the data warehouse after project hand-off.

We can help reduce the response time and enhance the performance of queries for reports and analytics with our data warehousing consulting solutionsGet on a call to talk more!

Indium Software offers easy access to complicated data and facilitates effective business analysis and business forecasting, resulting in effective decision making. Flexibility is key, which we offer to access data through queries.

Learn more here: Data Warehousing Tool

We have vast knowledge and experience in data warehousing and our tailored data warehousing services ensures you stay updated in this fast-changing world of Big Data.


Snowflake is a leading data warehousing solution that offers a variety of choices for public cloud technology. With Snowflake, you can make your business more data-driven, enabling you to create amazing customer experiences in turn. Unlike other data warehousing services, Snowflake also comes with per-second pricing.

The convenient pricing structure of Snowflake’s technology means that you only pay for what you use. Snowflake’s reliable architecture simplifies and improves the data pipeline, while reducing unnecessary complexity. You also get self-service access to all the extra functionality that you need.

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Microsoft Azure Synapse

Microsoft Azure Synapse is the evolved and updated version of Microsoft Azure SQL Data warehousing. Synapse is a state-of-the-art analytics solution that combines enterprise data warehousing with the latest in big data analytics. With Microsoft’s technology, you can easily query data according to your individual needs. There’s access to both provisioned and serverless on-demand resources too. 

What’s more, Synapse enables you to unlock the power of machine learning and business intelligence solutions as part of your full data framework. Microsoft also has some of the industry’s most advanced security and privacy features for warehousing in its arsenal. 

Google BigQuery

Value proposition for potential buyers. BigQuery is a reasonable choice for users that are looking to use standard SQL queries to analyze large data sets in the cloud.

Key Values/Differentiators:

  • As a fully managed cloud service, setup of the data warehouse and resource provisioning are all handled by Google, using serverless technologies.
  • The ability to easily query data with either SQL or via Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), is a key value of BigQuery enabling users to use existing tools and skills.
  • Logical data warehousing capabilities in BigQuery lets users connect with other data sources including databases and even spreadsheets to analyze data.
  • Integration with BigQuery ML is a key differentiator, bringing the worlds of data warehouse and Machine Learning (ML) together. With BigQuery ML machine learning workloads can be trained on data in a data warehouse.

Oracle Autonomous Warehouse

The Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse solution offers businesses an easy-to-use and accessible system that scales with their operations. Intended to provide fast and elastic query performance with no need for endless administration, Oracle is a great choice for beginners and existing Oracle fans alike. For a fully managed cloud service that makes provisioning a data warehouse easy, look no further than the quick performance of this offering. 

What’s more, Oracle’s autonomous data warehouse is highly elastic, allowing companies to expand and update their computing and storage capacities as their businesses change. You only need to pay for the resources that you consume, and everything integrates with a spectrum of business analytical and IoT tools.

Yellowbrick Data

Yellowbrick takes a unique approach to cloud data warehousing solutions by offering access to data solutions for the hybrid cloud. On a mission to make data warehousing and analytics simpler for every business, Yellowbrick delivers a turnkey appliance for optimised analytics.

Enterprises in the Yellowbrick environment can run any ad hoc queries they like, alongside large batch queries and business reports too. There’s also Yellowbrick assisted support available for businesses too. This provides 24/7 predictive monitoring, ensuring the continued health and availability of the warehouse.

Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is one of the most popular data warehousing solutions on the market today. The service powers the analytical initiatives of countless leading businesses, including startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. Some of the biggest brands using Redshift today include Intuit, Lyft, Yelp, and even McDonald’s. 

One of the best things about Redshift is that it integrates perfectly with your data lake and AWS environment. Redshift allows developers and business leaders to query vast amounts of semi-structured and structured data from a host of settings. What’s more, Redshift’s performance benefits from Amazon’s incredible AWS infrastructure, so you know you’re going to get a great user experience. For data outside of your S3 data lake, you can use AWS Glue to extract, transform, and load data into the warehouse too.

IBM Db2 Warehouse

The IBM Db2 Warehouse is a fantastic relational database solution that delivers high-quality analytics and data management solutions to businesses worldwide. The operational database thrives on delivering actionable insights and data availability to companies that need it most. There’s also support for a selection of operating systems.

Db2 from IBM also integrates with the in-memory columnar database engine from IBM. This is a huge benefit for companies in need of a high-performance database solution. Business leaders can initiate a cloud deployment using either AWS or the IBM cloud. There’s also an on-premise version of the Db2 warehouse available.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

SAP is a popular name in the world of business analytics and data development. The SAP data warehouse cloud is perfect for businesses that want to make more intelligent business decisions. This enterprise-ready data warehouse combines all of your unique data sources into a single environment, allowing you to enhance the security and credibility of your information.

SAP’s data warehousing semantic layer also helps to make analytics easier for users with persona-driven and analytical warehouse information. There’s even instant access to application data thanks to prebuilt adapters from IBM. Better still, SAP data warehousing is elastic, flexible, scalable, and open, making it a good choice for businesses of all sizes.

Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse

Teradata is a market leader in the world of data management and warehousing. For over 35 years, the company has helped businesses develop and maintain a competitive edge. Teradata also has one of the world’s most powerful database environments. Because of this, the company can serve some of the biggest and most competitive organisations in the world. 

Teradata offers an integrated 360-degree insight into your data, pulled together from a range of sources. There’s also access to the Teradata QueryGrid for actionable big data insights too. What’s more, you can deploy Teradata on IntelliCloud (from Teradata), on-premise or on public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure.


In this article, we have seen the top data warehousing Companies. This is not an exhaustive list and there are many other companies who are startup now but have the capabilities to grow faster. This will be challenging for the other rival companies.

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