“The joy of coding Python should be in seeing short, concise, readable classes that express a lot of action in a small amount of clear code — not in reams of trivial code that bores the reader to death.”

— Guido van Rossum

The development of modern computing languages has seen many new general purposes and high-level programming languages surfacing, but none comes close to Python.

universal language for developers and data scientists, Python, is widely used for web applicationsdesktop GUI applications, data analysis, data visualization and many more.

The success of Python can be credited to its simple syntax rules, which are not a common sight in other languages.

While many developers keep improving their Python skills with time, a commonly overlooked aspect of Python is properly testing your skill level with various quizzes.

It makes sure that you’re up-to-date with the language, and you get to know what is essential and what should be left behind.

Importance of Quizzes in learning a language

When it comes to programming languages, the role of quizzes to check your ability is paramount. These quizzes enable you to understand the languages deeper and formulate questions that you have never encountered before.

A deep understanding of a programming language, like Python, offers the developers and data scientists the capacity to use various explanatory concepts creatively.

It also further leads to polishing the ability of developers and data scientists to think about different problem situations and devise practical solutions to data and development problems.

Top Python Quizzes for Python Developers

This section has gathered the top python quizzes that can benefit the developers. Some quizzes in this section offer a multiple-choice question format, while others are designed to test the Python developers’ ability to write code.

As you make your way through these quizzes, all of these platforms will keep your score, and you will get your results once you have completed the quiz.

1. Python Quizzes

Offered by Geeksforgeeks.org, it is a dream quiz to test your skill level on Python. It is designed for beginners and advanced Python developers with a very user-friendly interface.

This quiz will help you to test your knowledge and discover your weaknesses and strengths with Python and how you can improve them.

These Python quizzes revolve mainly around functions, operators, output, and data science. You can use this Python quizzes’ platform to test your ability and learning progress on Python.

Moreover, you can find both multiple-choice questions and questions that will test your coding ability by making you write the code.

Quiz Link — Python Quizzes

2. Real Python Quizzes

When it comes to Python quizzes, this has to be listed right after the Python quizzes offered by geeksforgeeks.org. Apart from providing a cheat sheet for Python, Real Python has done another excellent service for Python developers by offering this quiz.

In this set of quizzes, each quiz will take you to a series of Python-related questions. Like in the previous quiz, the Real Python quiz also offers multiple-choice questions and questions that will make you type the answer, covering almost all the topics of Python.

Furthermore, if you fail to score the total marks, you can retake the quiz without any delay. Almost all the Python quizzes are designed this way, as they are meant to improve your skillset by making you try again and again.

Quiz Link — Real Python Quizzes

3. ITVoyagers Quiz Time

ITVoyagers offer developers one of the best Python programming quizzes to test their ability to code in Python. It covers the essential Python topics for programmers, from file handling to exception handling and how to deal with regular Python expressions.

However, unlike the previous two quizzes that almost cover Python for both the programmers and data scientists, this quiz by ITVoyagers does not cover Python basics much deeply.

However, it is still one of the most comprehensive Python quizzes for developers — both beginners and experts.

This quiz will extensively test your file handling in Python, its various methods, modes, and attributes. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, this quiz will help you test your exception handling and regex (regular expressions) skills in Python programming.

Quiz Link — ITVoyagers Quiz Time

4. Python Online Test

It is a Python quiz offered by Tutorialspoint, which is designed to simulate an online and real Python certification exam.

In this quiz, all the questions that you will get will be presented to you in a multiple-choice questions format, and you won’t have to write answers or codes. After finishing the test, you will get your results and will be able to retake the quiz.

With forty-eight questions to be answered in forty-eight minutes, this quiz will cover almost all the Python topics from basic syntax, basic operators, loops, numbers, strings, lists, and functions.

Furthermore, it also has questions from tuples, exception handling, basic file handling, and regular expressions.

Quiz Link — Python Online Test

5. W3Resource Python Quiz

W3Resource is a complete platform for Python, and they offer an equally good Python quiz involving development and data science topics of Python.

This quiz covers primary variables, strings, sets, dictionaries, tuples, and files. In files, it covers basic file handling, exception handling, and regular expressions.

In the W3resouce quiz, the format followed for questions is also multiple-choice options. Created mainly on google forms, you get to submit the answers to your questions, and once you are finished, it will redirect you to the results page.

There is no problem if you haven’t got all the questions correct, as you can re-attempt the quiz without any delay.

Quiz Link — W3Resource Python Quiz

6. VSkill Python MockTest

This quiz on Python by Vskills is very well-crafted, and it starts instantly as you click on the quiz link. While it is also primarily designed for Python for development, it covers some essential Python topics that concern data science.

With fifty total questions, this test also follows multiple-choice questions, with each question offering four possible answers. Once you have completed all fifty questions, you can submit the test and get your results.

This quiz covers Python topics: functions, strings, input and output, control flow, data structures (for data scientists), Python OOP test, and other Python basics.

Quiz Link — VSkill Python MockTest

7. Python Online Quiz Test

Offered by code cracker, this quiz is a comprehensive set of Python questions covering almost every topic of Python for developers and data scientists.

There are eighteen sets of questions in this quiz, with an overall question number mounting up to a total of 310 questions. Unlike some of the previous quizzes, this quiz also covers math modules of Python.

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Being another multiple-choice questions quiz, you can check your Python skills starting from strings, lists, file handling (basic and exceptions), regular expressions (regex), functions, argument passing, basic operating system, and math module with this quiz.

Furthermore, the questions in this quiz keep updating, so you can take this test now and then to refresh your understanding of Python.

Quiz Link — Python Online Quiz Test

8. Python Spot Quiz

In this quiz by Pythonspot, there are two sets of quizzes, with the first set having twenty questions and the second set has ten questions. However, both sets of quizzes are designed for developers, and that too, for beginners.

While it may not be the top quiz set like the previous ones, considering that it has been designed for only beginners, it still offers a very comprehensive check for your skill and level of understanding of basic Python.

It covers essential Python topics like properties, functions, demands, and strings, etc. If you are a beginner and want to check your basic Python knowledge, this might be the best platform for you to do so.

Quiz Link — Python Spot Quiz

9. W3School Python Quiz

W3School is a pervasive platform designed for all sorts of Python learning, and their quiz is no exception.

However, it is a brief quiz comprising only twenty-five questions, and there is no time limit constraint to attempt this quiz.

Each question is followed by its four possible answers, and only after you have submitted your answer for one question you will be presented with a second question.

This Python quiz deals with primary programming functions of Python, syntax, strings, and file handling.

However, if you are an expert Python developer and want to test your skills at an advanced level, this may not be the best quiz choice for you.

Quiz Link — W3School Python Quiz

10. After Hours Programming

Afterhoursprogramming is another fantastic platform to learn computer languages, especially Python, which offers Python quiz for beginners.

With a total of twenty-five questions, this quiz is also designed as multiple-choice, with each question offering four possible options to answer from.

While it is primarily a quiz for beginners, it does touch on some of the advanced topics in Python. Overall, this quiz involves essential Python topics like functions, syntax, file handling, and strings.

You may also find some questions about the history of Python in this quiz, and some advanced questions from the topics like data structure, etc.

Quiz Link — After Hours Programming


These are some best Python quizzes, where you can test your understanding of Python and learn new things happening with this language. These quizzes offer an excellent platform for testing your Python skills, refreshing your knowledge and understanding of the language. They are free, quick, and designed to ignite the spark of Python in you, so what are you waiting for?


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