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Tradier Teams With Q.ai, A Forbes Company, To Bring AI And Big Data Analytics To Customers And Retail Investors

by Stephen R.
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Tradier is teaming up with Q.ai, a Forbes company, to bring advanced AI-driven intelligent investing to retail investors. The collaboration aligns with Q.ai’s mission to democratize access to AI and other quantitative investing methodologies by giving traders data-driven insights and seamless execution to help them gain an edge on the market.  Utilizing sophisticated machine-learning algorithms, multi-factor models and other deep quantitative AI tools, Q.ai will offer unique investment ideas and actionable insights. 

“As active investors and traders, the team at Q.ai understands the value of real-time data and insights to retail investors, and our AI-based engines will help them get a better edge on the market,” said Q.ai CEO and Founder Stephen Mathai-Davis. “Tradier, which brings a wealth of experience and most importantly advanced APIs and platform capabilities to help us further our mission of changing the way retail investors achieve their goals.” 

“We are excited to partner with innovative companies like Q.ai that are bringing a true opportunity to change the industry and power retail investors with the great technology, data and AI based insights,” said Dan Raju, cofounder and CEO of Tradier. “Q.ai is looking to transform the way trading Intelligence is delivered into a content rich experience. We are proud that companies like Q.ai choose Tradier as a destination to transform our industry and offer innovative products that enable online investors.” 

About Q.ai 

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Q.ai, a Forbes Company, formerly known as Quantalytics AI Labs and Quantamize, uses advanced forms of quantitative techniques and artificial intelligence to generate investment recommendations across multiple asset classes including Stocks, ETFs, Options and Cryptocurrencies. Q.ai was co-founded by Stephen Mathai-Davis and Wallace Mathai-Davis in November 2017. In November 2019, Forbes Media took a majority stake in Q.ai. Trading Strategies provided by Q.ai are general in nature and not customized for any specific investor.

About Tradier Brokerage Inc.

Tradier Brokerage, Inc.—a member of FINRA and SIPC—is an independent subsidiary of Tradier, Inc. The Brokerage API enables entrepreneurs, businesses, developers, and active traders to solve their trading and brokerage challenges using independent content and tool providers of their choice—at simple and competitive prices.

About Tradier, Inc.

Tradier, Inc. is a cloud-based financial services provider and brokerage API company that offers a groundbreaking platform to serve platform providers, advisors, developers and individual investors. Tradier delivers an innovative set of fully hosted APIs, modules, and “out of the box” tools that are leveraged by a growing list of providers seeking to create innovative trading and investing experiences.

Created by developers, Tradier is a technology linchpin that works with organizations that want to democratize access to data, trade execution, low cost trading, and market connectivity through cloud access. In addition, Tradier’s APIs empower third-party developers to build applications such as algorithmic and robotic trading systems.

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