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Importance of UI/UX Design in Mobile App Development

by Stephen R.
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ui design in mobile app development

This is an age of smart applications because they make things convenient and easily accessible to everyone. Therefore, in order for your app to thrive in this highly competitive world, you need to hire UI/UX designers to develop cutting edge solutions for you. But if you can’t seem to find full-time designers, you can always outsource. But that’s just a story for another time.

If we want your mobile app to succeed, you need to make sure that it stands out in terms of both UX i.e. user experience such as functionality, usability, and UI i.e. user interface design. You need to have a catchy design to entice your potential customers and lure them into your mobile app ultimately leading to conversions and high revenue streams.

A Good UI/UX Design Attract Users

People are usually attracted to beautiful things, automatically. Therefore your design should call your users and not the other way around. It should be able to get a hold of their attention as soon as they land on the website. People usually spend half of their time on mobile devices scrolling through different apps. Therefore, the main reason to check out your app and design is the first aspect that you can think of.

So if you are looking to hire UI/UX designers to get the job done, make sure they know all the ins and outs of a good design. But do not expect UI designers to ace UX design as well. It doesn’t work like that, you need to hire for both positions separately.

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Because even UI/UX is not exclusive to one another, they are still not the same thing. UI is more about how your mobile app looks and UX is more about how it functions. Speaking of, the first impression of your online product is very important. As mentioned before, users should get hooked to the app as soon as they land, and should have an urge to come back again. Therefore your UI/UX should follow the latest trends and be able to attract users.

Saves Time and Money

Now this one is a given, if you won’t focus on UX/UI at the start of the project, you are sure to face challenges later on, and facing and fixing challenges, later on, means additional costs and more time.

Therefore the best way forward is to hire expert UI/UX designers who make sure that everything is on point so that you don’t need to face challenges in the later stages. If you spend time on an amazing UI/UX design, there is very little chance that your customers will discover any trouble or difficulty using your application. A flawless product will not require a frequent update and thus, help you in saving time and money.

A Good UI/UX Design Improves Your Return on Investment

An impressive app design can do the trick and by trick I mean, it can lure people in and help them stay on your website for a longer time. What else do you want? You need to have an impressive design, with catchy meaningful content and seamless navigation for making your customers satisfied with your brand.

Once the prospect is pleased with your brand, chances are he will convert and conversion, for you, means high ROI. Moreover, word of mouth can do wonders for your business. The more people are impressed with your brand and design, not to forget the user experience, the more likely they are to refer you to others. More references mean more clients and more clients mean more profits.

Important UI/UX Aspects to Consider in Mobile Application Development

  • You need to make sure that your design is uniform and consistent throughout because consistent designs build trust. Icon styles, patterns, buttons, and other design elements should be the same or similar at least. Because that’s how people can familiarize themselves with your brand and also they can easily identify you among the crowds of brands.
  • Loading speed is like one of the most important elements of the entire app design process. You need to make sure that your mobile is highly responsive and optimized with maximum loading speed. Because if your app did not load in the first three seconds, users tend to get frustrated and you know what happens afterward right? They will uninstall your app without a second thought. So make sure the application is highly optimized. It not only saves valuable time for customers but also helps you enhance your performance in the market.
  • Designing for accessibility is very important especially if you want to reach everyone equally and I think that should be the plan because everyone should have equal to the information of mobile apps around the world may they be color blind or have any other impairments. If you won’t understand or address their needs you are actually eliminating a  whole set of audience who can be your potential customers. Therefore, pay very close attention to your design and make sure it is equally accessible to everyone.
  • Your mobile application should be interactive, it should be extremely user friendly. Moreover, users should be able to interact with the app because no one likes static and boring applications. Leverage micro interactions or fun animations to enhance the interactivity and the user experience altogether.  Additionally, your app should be able to develop a connection between you and your users.
  • Last but not least, your mobile application should have a minimalist design, it should not be crowded. Because crowded designs can overwhelm users and that’s the last thing you want. Moreover, designs should be regularly updated to meet the market trends and design standards. If you lack the in-house UI/UX design experience, no need to go through a daunting designer vetting process to find the right fit because it is not only time consuming but also very costly, therefore you can always outsource, augment or hire UI/UX designers on an hourly basis to get the job done.

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