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When In Doubt, Follow Your Data And Build Your Data Kitchen

by Stephen R.
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I have always been fond of two things: cooking and analytics. Believe it or not, there are many correlations between cooking your perfect recipe and getting that perfect analytical dataset that drives actions. Yes, we know that when in doubt, follow your heart, or so they say. And when it comes to your enterprise, the parallel should be that whether in doubt or not, always follow the data. Data is the driving force, the fuel that burns to provide business intelligence (BI), perfect products, streamlined strategies and better decisions. The last 20 years have observed a massive change in the market. These technical innovation and advancements have given rise to multiple data platforms and modern data ecosystems.

The rise in connectivity has resulted in unprecedented growth in data. Big data, cloud technologies, the digitization of applications and various analytics platforms have made the data increasingly complex, massive in size, nonlinear, prevalent and challenging to manage.

But the question is how to use this data to produce a gourmet dish loaded with nutrients. Most of the data ends up lying still in a raw, unconsumable format and may degrade over time. To gobble this data, you have to cook a perfect recipe out of it, just like your family’s secret dish with a modern twist, to make it palatable for every level in your enterprise. It’s all about choosing the right ingredients, deep cleansing, secured transfer, perfect mixing and grinding, correct consistency, the right temperature and streamlined timing. The correct recipe is your recipe for success. By following it, you can prepare the dish of intelligence out of data. So, let’s begin cooking!

Sourcing The Ingredients

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The very first step to prepare a gourmet dish is to find the right ingredients from the lot. Once you have identified the ingredients, then you must source them from the right place. You could run into a corner gas station and get a suboptimal-quality product, but if you source from the right place, you know that recipe will turn out to be perfect. So, buy from a dependable and honest source, and collect everything at one place systematically. This way, you get the right ingredient while cooking, and your counter is clean and organized.

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