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Why BI is important for C-Level Executives

by Michael Donald
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Do you want to make advanced, informed business decisions with enormous financial data? With the generation of economic data, it becomes difficult to extract the necessary information and make business decisions. Indeed, these data are scattered in cloud storage systems. Hence, it creates a problematic situation for the CEO, managers, and other C-level executives to make critical its business decisions for success.

Nowadays, numerous digital tools emerge due to technological innovation that can make data easy to analyze, process, and understand. However, it becomes simple and easy to make informed decisions, helpful in increasing efficiency and avoiding financial risks.

For example, Microsoft offers Power BI solutions for advanced analytics, visual dashboards, and interactive reports from organized, structured financial data. However, the Power BI services is utilized as the banking IT solutions that offer the interactive dashboards based on advanced analytics that help banks for making informed business decisions.

What Is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence or BI is a technology-based process that uses several digital tools to process, manage, structure, clean, store, collect, streamline, and analyze big data in real-time. For instance, Microsoft Power BI offers advanced analytics services and visual dashboards based on a large amount of financial data.

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However, BI delivers high-quality and precise insights for making business decisions. So, this digital tool for analytics services is handy for C-level executives of the banks and financial organizations to make future decisions that affect investments and other financial services.

Power BI has several business intelligences factors that positively affect the finance industry and help its C-level executives.

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·       Centralized platforms for viewing customer insights

Banks and other financial organizations continuously generate a large amount of data like customer information, account details, contact numbers, insurance policies, loans, and more. But all these data are in structured and unstructured form and collected from various sources like call recordings, social media, messages, surveys, emails, feedback, etc. So, all these enormous data get organized in a centralized database. For example, Microsoft OneDrive will provide the centralized cloud-storage platform to collect and store these large financial data.

Also, the Power BI tool will make these data clean and analyze it properly to extract useful information and deliver insights about the requirements and customer needs. On the contrary, these visual customer profiles help plan marketing campaigns, create financial products, and convert more sales leads into customers.

In this manner, Microsoft Power BI offers the precise advanced analytics services for financial institutions which is considered as one of the dedicated IT services for banking operations.

In this way, chief executives will get independent from outdated reports and experience to predict and make informed business decisions. Therefore, they can utilize real-time reports to target the markets and attract a large customer base.

·       Visual dashboards will impress customers and shareholders

People easily understand the information and data in facts and figures. Hence, with Power BI solutions, the C-level executives can easily display their bank’s latest statistics and mark the area of being successful in financial services. For instance, various visual dashboards help prove their future predictions about the interest rates, commodity pricing, and foreign currency rates.

In addition, the Power BI development services offer executives to draw visual metrics on the mobile screens. Hence, these interactive and engaging visual dashboards will impress clients and shareholders.

In this manner, it increases the confidence level of all the executives, clients, and shareholders with profitable financial decisions.

Also, they can take advantage of interactive charts and displays through visual reports that will convert raw data and statistics into compelling arguments.

·       Use BI to convince team members

Multiple financial services and tasks that require the approval of all the team members. So, in specific situations, it becomes a demanding and challenging task for the chief executives to convince the leadership and other C-level executives about an investment, a campaign, or a decision.

However, numerous interactive and visual reports generated by BI tools like Microsoft Power BI help showcase data clearly for the leaders and team members to understand the importance of a project, financial campaign, and the expected ROI.

Besides, the interactive reports and visual dashboards are generated through data analytics; sued for making advanced financial decisions that impact the organizations and banks. In this manner, the Power BI tool helps C-level executives to convince team members.

·       Use of centralized cloud collaboration platforms

For making profitable and informed business decisions, the C-level executives need to work collectively with teams including sales, marketing, and financial departments in the banks and financial institutions.

BI tools like Microsoft Power BI development services will provide a healthy environment in the banks and financial organizations, like setting a budget for customer acquisition to allow sales and marketing departments to discuss, brainstorm, and share information seamlessly.

For example, Microsoft Azure and OneDrive offer cloud-based collaboration for architecture and data storage services that promote collaborations between executives, employees, and shareholders of the financial organization.

·       It helps in nurturing better customer relationships

There are some final goals of every financial organization, and one of them is to nurture customer relationships. In addition, they can promote the loyalty of the brands or banks to prevent customers from getting attracted to competitors.

So, for this purpose, advanced BI tools such as Microsoft Power BI are integrated into CRM systems to create customer journey charts separately. For instance, they can provide personalized services for each customer. It happens so that the C-level executives identify their behaviour patterns.

Hence, these visual reports are essential for building customer trust and increasing customer retention.

·       Interactive insights and analytics for customer demand prediction

Customer demands continuously change based on the latest market trends, physical location, and demographics in this digital era. Power BI solutions will help predict the variable conditions and requirements to solve this issue.

Hence, banks and insurance companies will offer numerous financial products valid for customers and increase their market share.

Moreover, you can conduct surveys and use dedicated groups to research potential customers in new financial markets.

·       Detailed Analysis of the cause of problems and errors

The precise analytics services identify the actual cause and reason for a problem or issue. Hence, it is completed by accurately analyzing the relevant information, such as historical and real-time, for the problematic condition you need to overcome.

For this purpose, business intelligence tools like Power BI solutions quickly process a large amount of financial data and create data visualization and graphical reports showcasing the major reasons for the problems.

·       Reporting can be executed in real-time

Dedicated business intelligence tools allow executives to create real-time visual reports in graphs, pie charts, and more. In this manner, the leaders and executives get the data reports quickly, within days and weeks.

For instance, Microsoft Power BI solutions automatically generate reports in real-time and share them with team members, employees, and management whenever required.

Unleash The Potential Of Power BI For Making Informed Business Decisions

The advanced analytics features of Power BI allow the C-level executives to quickly understand the visual information and make informed business decisions by avoiding the financial risks. Apart from this, they will get organized, structured, and well-managed data that are easy to store and understand. So, if your financial organizations want to increase the ROI and make future business predictions for achieving growth and profit through appropriate banking technology consulting services. For this purpose, you can get suitable consultancy services for Power BI solutions to provide interactive visual insights and reports from big financial data.

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