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Why A Shift Toward Automation Testing Is Required?

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Software testing is an integral part of the product development cycle. It is vital for ensuring that your product is as good as you want it to be. Thanks to the advanced technology stack and potential practices like software testing that have made it easier to for developers and testers to meet the quality benchmarks.

And for no surprise, all the tech companies have started the use of automation testing, since automation testing is the application of tools and technology to testing software with the ultimate goal of reducing testing efforts and delivering capability faster. In this blog, we will try to highlight the need for automation testing in the software development lifecycle while mentioning all the benefits associated to the test automation process.

Let’s begin.

Why Automation Testing?

Many companies use automation testing but still, some of them only rely on manual tests as they are unaware of the benefits one can leverage through automated testing. As Automation testing uses scripted sequences to examine the software, it then reports on what’s been found, and further this information can be compared with earlier test runs. 

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Besides, the developers generally writing in programming languages like Ruby, JavaScript etc. have started using automation testing as it has the potential to make testing process more sophisticated and more simplified.  It also facilitates in easing the workload of the rest of the team while also providing clear and accurate results.  

Sometimes teams don’t have time or the resources to manually test software. In this case, automation testing helps! As it runs quickly and efficiently so thereby it can help to significantly reduce the time it takes to test the products. Moreover, it also enhances the productivity of the project as other developers and production managers can divert their efforts into other aspects of the project. 

When we say; use, automated technology it also means that testing can be done more frequently as compared to manual testing. Repeated testing I.e., calling for the same test over and over again is required and important in software development cycles. This is made possible with automated testing solutions, while also delivering more accurate and reliable results. Further, this type of testing ensures that the product is ready for market or to move onto the next stage of development. This type of positive validation gives the team a boost to continue development.

Benefits of Automation testing 

  • Automated Tests help in finding bugs early in the software development lifecycle, thereby ensuring the reduction of the risk of delivering faulty software. 
  • Automation testing always provides in-depth and detailed reports that simply won’t be possibly done manually and we too can’t overlook the fact that this would be done in a shorter period. 
  • Automated Tests can be executed way faster than manual tests. However, the initial setup of automated testing cases may take a lot of time and effort but once you’ve automated your tests, you can reuse them for desired time. 
  • As the word says, everything is done automatically in automation testing. In a constantly changing codebase, you can automatically execute the tests on each commit. One won’t have to continuously carry out manual steps by setting up an environment or remembering the steps to execute each test. 
  • Automation testing eases the process of detecting bugs or other defects. It’s also able to analyse a wider test coverage than humans may be able to. 
  • Automation testing simplifies testing and today when most of the tech companies widely do software testing, automated testing helps in simplifying the process. Here, the test scripts can be reused while manual testing requires the test line to run again for each time.
  • Automation Testing can support load testing. It is capable of running thousands of tests simultaneously while simulating millions of users. Can’t deny that this is not possible in manual testing! 
  • Extensions and tools available for automation testing include the use of features that measure several code quality metrics. This type of testing provides the opportunities to measure the quality of huge codebases in a matter of minutes, which is yet again not possible in manual testing.
  • There is no doubt that machines and automated technology work faster than humans. So along with improved accuracy, this is why we use them. Also, it shortens the software development cycle. 
  • Automation tests can be run at any time of the day even overnight, so there is no need for human intervention. Also, when it’s run automatically it reduces the risk of human error.
  • Though automation testing requires investment when considering it in a long run it can save money and is more cost-effective. During this time other team members can use their energy somewhere else which further can improve the workflow.


For almost every organization, the quality of the product is what matters the most. In this case, using automation testing as a part of regular day-to-day development practices would not only help in the short term but also in the long term. 

Automation testing ensures the functionality of the app, thereby giving confidence to developers, management & customers too. Also, it is a faster way to get feedback on failures than manual testing, while being accurate and reliable at the same time. Automation Testing is undoubtedly considered essential for both large and small organizations, to implement and deliver outstanding software and to stay competitive in the industry.

All the best!

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