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How to Do Cybersecurity Data Visualization

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Data visualization techniques provide organizations with strong allies in their fight against cyber threats. In this article, we took a closer look at the importance and techniques of cyber data visualization.

Cybersecurity has been gaining more and more importance due to the increasing number of cyber attacks and hackers threatening organizations of every size. As a result, new methods and approaches regarding cybersecurity are being discussed. Being one of these topics, cybersecurity data visualization has become popular. In this article, we will discuss cyber security data visualization in detail.

What is cybersecurity data visualization?

Cybersecurity data visualization refers to creating charts, graphs and similar visual material from cybersecurity data within a specific context. The data in visuals can be gathered from various sources.

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What are the benefits of cybersecurity data visualization?

There are numerous benefits of cybersecurity data visualization practices. Firstly, the cybersecurity team of an organization gathers data from varying sources including logs, alerts, notifications, security software and such. As a result, it is highly likely that this data becomes cluttered and all over the place. With the help of visualization tools, important data is sorted and organized better. Moreover, the risk of overlooking vital information is significantly reduced.

Data visualization is infinitely customizable. That is why it allows your cybersecurity team to visualize the important data in a way that makes the most sense to them. Thus, they can gather information quicker in critical moments, and they can take action faster. The ability to act swiftly is essential in order to stop threatening security incidents in time and contain issues before they spread and do harm to your systems and networks. Additionally, It might be beneficial for you to check incident response use cases article.

Moreover, your cybersecurity team can create stunning visuals that help them compare various values, notice recurring patterns, see similar incidents and such. With the help of data visualization tools, they can create:

  • A comparative graph of malicious activity patterns
  • Heat maps that illustrate the scope and severity of a security incident
  • Visualizing patterns that allows them to detect possible additional attacks and from where such attacks can hit your organization, and much more.

In addition to the benefits discussed above, visualization of cybersecurity data helps your cybersecurity professionals to decipher and make sense of complex data. With the help of data visualization software, it is significantly easier to sift through gigantic amounts of data and notice new patterns, detect new vulnerabilities, and find unique solutions for each.

Data visualization can help your organization in many ways including detection, prediction and prevention. Being able to see what goes on in your systems on a dashboard filled with visual data helps your cybersecurity team detect ongoing security events faster. As a result, they can quickly contain a breach before it reaches its full potential and does significant harm to your business. On the prevention side, data visualization offers valuable insights regarding the security posture of your organization. It allows your cybersecurity team to comparatively analyse previous security incidents to predict what kind of an attack might happen next. So that they can alleviate related vulnerabilities and prevent attacks before they actually happen.

How to do cybersecurity visualization?

In order to visualize the cybersecurity data, your organization needs appropriate tools and software. In addition to these, you need better data to organize and visualize. Yet better data doesn’t necessarily mean more data. Collecting data from various sources, sifting through it and contextualizing it provides you with significantly better data that will bring more valuable insights.

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