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12 Website Design Ideas to Convert Visitors into Customers

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Digitization has solved almost all the problems that any marketer could have. But just like the dust that settles on even the most beautiful furniture at our homes, similarly, any website can too but not in the form of literal dust of course.

Websites are one of the most important anchors in the digital world as it helps you display and communicate with your audience in the most compelling way. While being available 24/7 to your customers, a website can make the exchange of information a cup of tea. But only those sip the benefits who take a step further from just building a website.

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So what do I really mean by taking a step further? Well, building a website is like taking the first step forward in the digital world, the second should be the steps that you take to make people visit you. This is where you start building credibility and a community of people that belong to your brand only.

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Website makes it easier for you to be responsive to your audience and to make them believe that you care about them. Easier said than done? Maybe, but there are tons of examples in front of us who do it impeccably. And you better start doing it before these examples also include the name of your competitors.

After reading this blog thoroughly you will be able to better advertise yourself on your own website and create more opportunities to convert your visitors into potential customers. Here go the 12 ideas by which you can be more captivating and useful.

Implement Appropriate Design

The first impression can really do the magic on websites. This is your first chance to fancy your visitors by choosing the most appropriate design for your Home Page. What do I mean by appropriate? The definition of this word will vary across different businesses depending on their target audience and the nature of the business. The importance of interactive design comes down to what you’re selling.

So for instance, a creative web development company providing services would have more ways to interact with their customers than a company selling products. However, consumer insights remain vital for both industries.

If your TG is young and you go with colors that they don’t relate to or an interface that they don’t find easy to use, you’ve lost a customer right there. So before selecting the template, be sure of who you are making it and what purpose is this going to serve for your customers.

Content with Emotional & Functional Appeal

You may think that no one likes to read nowadays, but if you’re reading this then you may know that you’ve come this far looking for an answer. And so are your customers looking for something on your website. Be sure of it, it’s not only your product or service.

They want to know you in the least number of words. The challenge is to make that number catchy and appealing. This again ties back to your target audience.

Be updated on what your audience is relating to and what problem are you solving. Touch their pain point with those words and connect with them. Talk in numbers and support your text with credible sources. Take one big idea on every page or heading and be creative and engaging with that. Studies have shown that good content can really get you traffic. While traffic is good, you need customers. By focusing your entire theme on TG, you can turn your visitors into customers. Use different designs and font styles to accomplish the goal.

Website Design for Mobiles

According to statistics, around 83.89% of people own smartphones that have access to the internet. If your website is not compatible with the mobile then you’re letting go of a huge chunk of people by choosing to do nothing.

A professional web design is a must. Make your design responsive so that it adapts to the device it’s being accessed with. You will have to make the text bigger to fit the mobile screens, larger buttons that can be clicked easily, easier navigation, and a rapid download speed.

This is a way of making your website interactive and user-friendly on a device that’s always in the palm of your audience. If a customer can’t use your website on phone, then it’s unlikely that he/she will search your website on a browser. People need convenience and accessibility above everything, so make sure you make that effort to provide them.

Consistent Color Theme

Choose your color wisely! Imagine it like this, you’re welcoming your people on your website and insisting them to stay. They say yes because they like the vibe of what they’re seeing.

The colors are catching their eyes and text is going with the vibe, so now they’re talking to you. Yes, that’s what a consistent color theme can do for you! Pastel, dim brown, warm sun tone, or natural green can be your colors if you want to go easy and calm on your viewers’ eyes.

Whichever color you choose, make sure it’s part of a theme on every page of your website. Know the psychology behind the colors and combine it with the type of service or product you’re selling.

It’s all in the details. Every aspect of your website should be about the purpose it was created for. But also, please, don’t overdo it. Make sure it’s minimal and in the right proportion. Make it all connected to make your customers know that you’d care about them if you cared about such details.

Strong Visuals Always Help

There’s nothing that entices a user more than seeing visuals on websites. The majority of people still consider websites to be static and boring as they’ve been for the larger chunk of time, but nowadays, with the advancement of technology, especially in the design field, visuals have become an integral part of completely engrossing a user.

It’s extremely important to use the kind of visuals that make your website stand out; it can be in the form of images or videos or live images that make the webpage look as if it’s come to life. And that’s exactly what needs to be put forward in front of the simple users, it is for them to see the unending possibilities that you can provide them through your products and services.

This is one of the most important ways that you can use to put forward not just a website to navigate through your services, but also your entire brand image and your objectives.

Pop-Up Illustrations

When it comes to visuals or imagery, it’s never this or that. There’ll always be a new road to explore that communicates your image as inventive and visionary.  A technique that is prevalent in the digital world is neumorphism which makes imagery simplified with 3D graphics. It further helps your graphics marked by finesse and real-looking UI.

This feature can be used for your website buttons, search bars, or navigation signs too. This design is best for responsive websites while capturing the essence of realism and minimalism. Make your page innovative by using these techniques to not let your visitor sway away from your website.

Be Vintage or Electric

To phrase it differently, choose between being classic or modern. If you go with the former, make people feel at a different place entirely.

Visuals will help you achieve this goal. Make your audience feel cozy and nostalgic by taking them back to a scenario that they’ve lived or related to once. An apparel or grooming brand can show a transition of the change of times through styles. Or you can use your range of skills through this theme.

For the latter, make use of dark and vivid colors with a bright text. If you want to be all splashy or tech-savvy, then this is your theme. Just by using these colors correctly, you can convey a message of creativity without saying grand words.

Use gradients, merge different colors, and intensify them until you get your theme right. Make it versatile by making an energetic vibe through neons or dark modes. There’s an entire range to choose from. Invest time and make the best decision, because you can!

Think Unconventionally, Think Abstractly

Literally, everyone will tell you to think out of the box, even this term has to be one now. But how do you do it? It can be a trial and error method for some while for others it can come through a lot of research.

Yes, you need information and direction to think. A website gives you endless opportunities and platforms to be creative, it all depends on how much you’re going into those details.

If your business is creative then showcase yourself as imaginative and quick-witted too. Abstracts can help you achieve it.

Use geometrical shapes and layouts that make your website unconventional from the start. These graphics will help you capture the real attention of your visitor, the rest of the job will be done by your content and usefulness of the product/service.

You don’t need high-end photography if you illustrate your message through abstracts. Along with the saturated colors and abstract geometry, let out your imagination and make that visitor stay.

Add Animations

There’s a lot that relies on the way a website looks to the customers when it comes to increasing the impressions. From the general user interface to the way the theme is designed, it’s integral to put extra effort into them to make it all come together and stand out. Animations, more specifically, are what bind the whole design together, they’re what brings your website to life and make it look more enticing to the general public. It can quite easily turn a static user experience into something grander.

One of the features of such animations include hidden navigations. They have made it smoother to shift pages and lessen the time spent on searching for the users. Such kind of navigation keeps users engaged and makes them stay longer on the website. Another form of such animation is adding motions to the website. It might not seem interesting enough on paper, but when done correctly, it can easily attract the interest of users.

Social Interaction Platform

There’s nothing more crucial than finding an engagement platform within a website. Not only does it let individuals have a general forum where they can express their opinions and critique your products or services, but it also creates a feeling of transparency to the new users.

This, in turn, encourages the users to regard your website and also the whole business as a hub that can readily be trusted. This trust eventually means that their attention would translate into transactions and your viewers into customers.

Engaging your online community in a conversation may also enable newer people to find out more about your product and services and grasp the workings better.

The cherry on top is usually the users being convinced to purchase a product or a service in response to the positive reviews they read on the website. There’s nothing that can go wrong with something as engaging as this

Website Cum Personal Guide

As mentioned earlier on how animations help your website grow exponentially, there’s one of them that can raise the bar higher. It includes the way navigations work to make the users feel more at ease throughout their time on the platform.

To enhance this experience, a certain set of navigations can be used which make the website their own personal guide. These tools can be animated in reference to the products and services being offered and can create an overall image that helps make it easier for the users to navigate throughout the website. These navigations become a guide that takes the users on a journey and makes them understand everything better as compared to just simply scrolling on their own.

This isn’t only helpful for the users to be able to extract as much information as they can from the website, but also help the company to ensure that their message and services are wholly transferred.

Don’t Forget CTA

When you imagine a call to action, you think of it being something that immediately attracts the attention of people listening to it. Now think of the same thing for your website that the users have to come across and need to click on.

These CTAs that require users to interact with them need to be more than just attractive, it needs to call on them directly. When someone is looking around your website trying to find the products or services, there need to be CTA buttons that enable them to inadvertently click on them to find out more. They don’t have to be fancy images, they can simply be a button colored in a way that stands out more than anything else on the page, however, you can use a more engaging sentence or words as compared to the generic ones.

Last Words Folks

An amazing is nothing but a combination of all of the things mentioned above. It can be a long process to finalize things, but once you do that investment, you’re going to love the output. And always remember, if you’re going away from making that effort then someone else is doing it and is ready to capture your market before you.

So, are you ready to take your next steps?

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