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3Data Analytics Raises $1.3M In Seed Funding From Mark Cuban, HTC Vive, And Others To Scale Collaborative, Web-Based 3D Simulation Platform

by Stephen R.
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Cross-platform and real-time, the 3Data Analytics platform aims to provide full situational awareness through immersive data visualization and AI.

As far as buzzwords go, it’s hard to find one more pervasive than “data.” I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard folks call it the “new oil” over the past few years—the logic being that those who have access to data have power.

But that belies the simple fact that in many cases, people just need to be able to understand that data quickly—and large, abstract datasets aren’t the most intuitive format for the human brain. How we encounter data matters. It’s why data visualization has become so important to so many.

Meanwhile, the increased understanding and development of extended reality technologies (XR) like virtual and augmented reality in the latter half of the past decade has allowed some to start connecting dots on how offering data visualization through an immersion format might amplify the benefits of dataviz delivered on flat screens.

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Enter: 3Data Analytics, a web-based, device-agnostic simulation platform. The simplest way to think of what 3Data offers is that it’s a simulated command center that unifies different data streams and team members, all in real time. Because it runs off the web, it can run off of computing devices of varying shapes and capabilities; some users might want to strap on their VR headset, others could choose to join via their laptop.

“When making critical decisions, we want organizations to have full situational awareness to predict, detect, and respond to threats, reduce downtime, and mitigate risk,” said 3Data CEO Wallon Walusayi in an interview with the author. “Using 3D visualizations adds context to information by overlaying the data onto 3D maps and buildings so organizations can see and understand data in the three-dimensional context we see our physical world in.”

These device-agnostic data streams can include building renderings, 3D visualizations of network topology, and 360 camera feeds, all unified in a collaborative virtual environment. As such, 3Data is suited for security and operations, allowing organizations to synthesize disparate data streams to act quickly, even in a fully remote context.

“For network and operation teams, the 3Data Platform provides an immersive experience across all devices, which means users are not losing capabilities or collaborative abilities even if they aren’t able to put a headset on,” Walusayi said.

But companies and organizations in other verticals, ranging from government to telecommunications, have found application for the 3Data platform, which in many cases can be set up on faster timeframes at lower cost than physical alternatives.

“We are working with companies in diverse industries, including Government, Transportation and Logistics, Energy, and Telecommunications,” Walusayi said. “Each company has unique needs and use cases that drive the solutions we deliver to them. The 3Data platform is complimenting—and in some cases replacing—high-cost physical network and security operation centers. The cost of spinning up a security operation center can be upwards of $6M and take months, if not years to create. Our platform is a fraction of the cost and can be spun up and implemented within a matter of weeks.”

Having just raised an oversubscribed, $1.3M seed round from Mark Cuban CompaniesHTC Vive, and others, 3Data is now scaling to expand its capabilities, translating insights developed working closely with customers into new feature sets.

“3Data allows businesses to start building their own internal operations center using their game-changing mixed reality technology,” said QuHarrison Terry, head of growth marketing at Mark Cuban Companies, in an interview with the author. “Ultimately, providing a virtual environment that’s secure, scalable, and swift for employees to use.”

This is particularly important for the companies facing the new challenges posed by the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

“Covid-19 has forced companies to adapt quickly to the new virtual workplace and evaluate their ability to effectively visualize, collaborate, and make decisions while not physically together,” Walusayi said. “Many large organizations and enterprises have always relied on a multi-million dollar physical space for their IT, logistics, and security operations, but now those high-end facilities aren’t accessible and are vacant. 3Data Analytics has helped make the virtual transition easy for operations teams and also used mixed reality to provide a real business use case for a new global operations problem.”

3Data’s latest offering, Apollo AI, introduces a voice assistant to the virtual experience.

“We’ve always drawn the comparison to Iron Man and Tony Stark, so we decided to make Apollo our JARVIS,” Walusayi said. “The beauty of Apollo is that it effectively auto-correlates siloed time series, log files, and raw device data with little effort by using a common data model. Its natural language processing and extensive algorithms help our customers make smarter, faster decisions by simply asking Apollo questions rather than having to manually identify relationships between data sources and eliminating the need for endless dashboards … allowing for rapid resolution of incidents and uncovering hidden insights.”

By incorporating Apollo, 3Data has been able to add an accessible feature that further demystifies complicated technologies, allowing teams to collaborate across varying degrees of technical literacy among respective team members.

“3Data Analytics’ AI assistant, Apollo, and collaborative 3D data visualizations support customers’ needs to make faster, more confident decisions rooted in their company’s data,” said Pearly Chen, HTC VP of business development and partnerships.

Regardless of what new functionality it might roll out next, Walusayi said that it’s all rooted in 3Data’s original mission: to connect “people and data in a new and intuitive way … reimagining how we consume information and respond to insights.”

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