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Data Scientist vs. Data Analyst: Most Suitable For Your Need

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data scientist vs data analyst

Data Science and Data Analytics are very similar fields of study, which often need to be clarified for business leaders on which one they should leverage for their projects.

In simple terms, data science deals with tasks using statistical analysis, specialized programming, business analytics, AI, and ML to extract meaningful insights from organizations’ unstructured data.

And data analytics, on the other hand, includes tasks like data mining, data management, and data presentation. Data analysts also deal with functions similar to data scientists, such as statistical analysis.

By studying what these fields of study deal with daily, you will be much clear on which professional do you need for your business. let’s dive a little deeper into these professions to understand Data Scientists vs. Data Analysts.

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Responsibilities Of A Data Scientist

Industries have embraced data science with open arms to modify a log of their processes. And by leveraging data science in their organizations, they have gained profitability, and productivity has also increased by a more significant percentage.

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Data Scientists gather and analyze the raw data to transform it into a way to make it easy for decision-makers to interpret. Sectors like Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, E-commerce, and Aviation widely utilize the expertise of skilled data scientists for various purposes.

Let’s look at the responsibilities of a data scientist to clearly understand how you can leverage data scientists for your organization.

  • Identify data sources and gather data.
  • Collaborating with team and business leaders to develop a data strategy
  • Analyze the vast amount of structured or unstructured data
  • Identifying trends and hidden patterns in data and combining it with different algorithms and modules
  • Creating solutions and strategies for understanding the problems
  • Presenting data with data visualization tools and techniques
  • Researching and Investigating additional tools and technologies to develop unique solutions
  • Aiding the business in constructing data engineering pipelines
  • Assisting Business Intelligence developers and business analysts concerning their projects to increase firms’ profitability and efficiency.
  • Staying updated with the latest happenings in the field to assist organizations to thrive successfully
  • Utilizing various tools, and applied statistics, and machine learning to create analytics solutions
  • Assessing and providing solutions for business processes by communicating with different departments
  • Data Scientists can help you with many other tasks, such as the following.
  • Data preprocessing
  • Data investigation and cleansing
  • Data migration
  • Data labeling
  • Data annotation
  • Data conversion
  • Data interpretation
  • Data mining
  • Data discovery
  • Data transformation
  • Data aggregation
  • Data storage
  • Data integration
  • Data analysis
  • Model creation
  • Model Optimization

As you have understood the responsibilities of a data scientist, you can hire a data scientist for your project. However, if any query arises, you may contact the best data science consulting company to assist with your data science project. Now, let’s look at what Data Analyst deals with to have a better overview of their duties in an organization.

Responsibilities Of A Data Analysts

Data analysts deal with the tasks with a broader perspective as many data science responsibilities fall under them along with their own. The core tasks of data analytics are combining theories and practice to comprehend and communicate data-driven insights to assist decision-makers in making informed decisions considering various factors.

Here are a few tasks that a data analyst deals with daily.

  • Data systems and database designing and maintaining
  • Fixing coding errors and dealing with other data-related problems
  • Reorganizing collected data in a way that can be interpreted by both machines and humans easily.
  • Interpretation of data with statistical tools
  • Creating documentation accurately to help stakeholders to interpret the process of data analysis and duplicate or replicate the study if required
  • Identifying and drawing the organization’s focus toward trends and patterns
  • Identifying and demonstrating work concerning local, national, and international trends that may influence the organization or industry
  • Preparing reports that accurately convey trends, patterns, and estimations using relevant data.
  • Working with different teams in the organization, like programmers, engineers, accountants, and leaders, to improve policies for data governance.
  • Data analysts can help you with many other tasks, such as the following.
  • Data Analytics Consulting
  • Data Analytics Implementation
  • Data Analytics Modernization
  • Data Discovery
  • Data Migration
  • Data Democratization
  • Data Governance
  • Reporting Analytics

With an understanding of the responsibilities of a data analyst, it would be easy to hire a data analyst for your organization.


Data Analytics and Data Science are beneficial for organizations; there’s no doubt about it. With the insights highlighted above, you can understand which professional among data scientists vs. data analytics you need for your project. For different tasks, both data scientists and data analysts utilize various tools and programming languages. If you are planning to hire any of these professionals, proficiency in R and Python is a must. Data analysts are responsible for responding to internal and external affairs of the business and the missing data, which might help the organization to make precise decisions in favor of the organization. And Data Science empowers organizations with the enhanced decision-making to measure, track and record performance metrics.

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