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How to Turn Off Roku Express?

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Roku is the only brand that springs to mind when it comes to streaming devices. This small but powerful device has proven to be valuable to all movie buffs, and there has never been a better moment to put it to use. Roku express was the most popular of all the variants, with many people purchasing it.

Roku express may be the most exciting gadget you’ve ever used, but don’t worry if you can’t figure out how to turn it off. Because so many people still don’t know how to switch off Roku Express, we decided to provide this guide to show you how to do so quickly.

How Do I Use The Remote To Turn Off Roku Express?

If you have the Roku express device and the Roku remote, you can quickly turn it off, and here’s how to do it.

● Go to the options menu and select “Settings.”

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● Then choose System.

● Select the power choice from the drop-down menu.

● Select auto power off from the drop-down menu.

● Then, at the very end, select the option to restart.

If the Roku device is not used for 30 minutes, the auto power-off option will automatically turn it off. This option is handy for those customers who keep the device inactive and are looking for a solution to switch off the Roku express plus gadget.

How Can I Turn Roku Express + Off?

When it comes to shutting off the Roku express plus gadget, it’s not as simple as it seems because the device will remain active even if the physical pairing button is turned off. The devices’ software updates will run in the background in automatic mode, and in this case, you’ll need to select the auto power-off option described before.

● Go to the settings menu and choose the System.

● Select auto power off by clicking on the power button.

It will turn off your Roku express plus device after 30 minutes of inactivity, which is convenient because you will be leaving it dormant. However, there is another way to turn off the Roku express plus.

 Alternate Way:

● With a switch, connect the Roku device to the power strip.

● You may turn the gadget on or off by pushing the switch on the power strip.

What Is The Best Way To Turn Off Roku Express 3700x?

The Roku express 3700x is an intelligent gadget that a mobile app and remote control can control. It is simple to use, and changing modifications needs little to no work on the user’s part. 

The methods for turning off the Roku 3700x are as follows:

● If the TV and Roku express is connected through an AC outlet, disconnecting the AC outlet will turn the device off.

● If the Roku express device is plugged into the intelligent socket, you may utilize a smartphone.

● You may also turn off the gadget by using a bright power strip and pushing the switch button.

How To Turn Off Roku Express 3930rw?

If you have a Roku express 3930rw or 3930x, shutting it off is straightforward, and you may do so in one of two ways.

● When you unplug the Roku express 3930 devices from the TV, it automatically turns off.

● Remove the HDMI cord and the AC power adapter if you used the HDMI cable to attach it.

● You may also use the Roku Express app on your smartphone to turn it off.

What Is The Best Way To Turn Off Roku Express 3910?

If you have a Roku express 3900 series model, you will find that it provides excellent service. There will be no problems streaming ten movies or TV shows on the larger screen. However, we have heard people complain about not turning off Roku express 3910, but here’s how to accomplish it.

● Go to the option that says “Settings.”

● Select the power option after clicking on the System.

● Choose the auto-power-off option from the drop-down menu.

● Select the option for a system reboot from the drop-down menu.

● The gadget will be turned off by itself.


● Unplug the cords from the Roku express device if a USB connection.

● Disconnect all cords from the power outlet and unplug the AC adapter.

When The TV is Turned Off, Does Roku Continue to Stream?

Yes, even if you turn off the TV, the Roku device will continue to function for an hour in the background. As a result, it’s best to turn it off through the settings and set it to auto turn off, which will turn it off after thirty minutes of inactivity.

Is it Necessary to Unplug Roku While it is Not in Use?

You should adequately position it since the Roku device will automatically install all essential software upgrades. If you disconnect and plug it back in, the device will begin to install the latest updates, and restarting it will take a long time.


So there you have it, some of the most effective and legitimate approaches to learning how to switch off Roku Express. You can also learn how to control Roku from PC here. Even if you’re using a Roku device, turn off the auto power feature since it will assist you in shutting down the machine if it’s been out of power for more than 30 minutes. The Roku express model comes in various series, each of which may take advantage of the abovementioned ways.

However, if your Roku device’s settings are different, we recommend consulting the user manual to clarify any confusion.

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