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Stages of Software Testing during Website Development

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stages of software testing

Testing and QA services are one stage of the development process. This activity contributes to the possibility of identifying bugs, as well as showing the prospects to improve the software.

First of all, let’s emphasize the most popular types of testing:

  • Functional testing controls the functionality of the software and ensures that the actual result is as expected.
  • Layout testing is intended to find any obvious inconsistencies on the website and includes checking the resource scaling of the online resources.
  • Cross-browser testing allows ensuring that the site will function properly in various browser configurations.
  • Usability testing aims to evaluate the website as real users see it. First of all, it determines the ability of users to interact with the site, enter any data, and interpret the results.
  • Automated testing is a software testing method that executes a test case suite using specialized automated testing software tools.
  • Load testing checks the website behavior at the increasing workload.

Effective Selection of Tools and Services

For manual testing, specialists in software testing companies use such control systems as Jira, IBM Rational Quality Manager, MS Team Foundation Server, HP ALM, TestRail, and others. Also, commonly used products are XML editors, tools for taking screenshots, as well as their processing. An important aspect of the testing stages is analyzing and improving documentation.

The initial stage of website verification is monitoring the documentation, as mentioned earlier. It is necessary to study the technical specification, and if there is a checklist, go through all its items.

Write For Us Technology

The use of test-design techniques, such as testing transitions or states, etc., is necessary to focus on the important items and component parts of the website testing.

With the help of test-design techniques, you can generate and create test cases and scenarios; analyze a single object or a group of objects tracing the connection between them.

The next stage of website testing can be considered a priority list of pages and modules on them. After that, you should test the secondary modules.

The module under test must be examined comprehensively to see a problem that others may not notice.

On the same principle, check the rest of the pages and modules, based on the plan.

Further, it’s worth focusing deeper on detailed and express testing.

Detailed testing includes:

  • Analysis of the site;
  • Writing a test plan: the name and address of the site, its type, and structure, as well as the goal and list of pages;

A testing plan is the determination of the sequence with an indication of the period of work to be done.

When you plan, use the information received from the client. This should be the information about the company, the intended use of the site, as well as the audience for which it is designed.

The catalog of pages and functionality, types of testing, testing environment, and risk consideration should be specified, as well.

Express testing includes:

  • Site analysis;
  • Provision of data for testing;
  • Formation of the sequence of test runs;
  • Determination of relevant pages and functionality;
  • Selection of testing techniques.

Self-education promotes the acquisition of new experiences. A novice tester needs to master basic knowledge, both theoretical and practical.

Website testing is the final phase of its development. It is crucial to the process of producing high-quality software.

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