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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Kiosk Survey Software to collect Customer Feedback

by Sonika Aggarwal
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You must provide an outstanding Customer Experience to your customers if you want to grow your business. To accomplish this, you should collect Customer Feedback to gain accurate customer insights.

Customer feedback gets collected via various survey channels, including email, SMS, online, and offline surveys. Feedback gets effectively collected through these channels, but it is often collected after the customers have left your establishment.

For instance, you own a retail store. Have you considered how beneficial is to collect real-time feedback while the customer is in your store rather than seeking feedback later through various channels?

Here comes the need for Kiosk Surveys. Let’s know more about them.

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What Is A Kiosk Survey?

You may have noticed a kiosk survey at a local coffee shop, grocery store, or shoe store. They get typically displayed on an iPad, or Android tablet mounted on a kiosk stand. They are visually appealing, where the main image often entices customers to complete the survey by displaying an incentive on the main screen.

To create a kiosk survey, you must first download a kiosk app. Along with surveying your customers, remember to collect their contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, to build your lead list for marketing purposes.

For a more consistent customer experience, the app you choose should allow you to brand the survey screen with your company logo. Most importantly, you should be able to put the survey in “kiosk mode,” which means you won’t need a nearby employee to manage it. The survey will be password-protected, so the customer will be unable to leave the screen to play Candy Crush or check Facebook.

How To Create An Effective Kiosk Survey?

Are you sold on kiosk-based surveys? Here are a few tips to start using this effective customer survey method right away.

  • Make it as short as possible.

The primary benefit of feedback kiosks is that they provide a unified experience for the customers. Keeping this in mind, keep your survey as brief as possible – three to four questions plus comments. Otherwise, people will be less likely to respond. As a general rule, the questionnaire should take one to two minutes to complete from beginning to end.

  • Make it as simple as possible.

Like the previous point, your survey should ask fundamental questions with equally simple answers. One example could be, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our services to friends or family?”

  • Do not request more than one open-ended response.

Open-ended questions would help if you crafted your questions so that they tap into your client’s immediate and unfiltered perception of your product or service. The faster someone responds, the better. Because they take far too long to complete, too many open-ended textbox questions can cause a bottleneck at a kiosk.

Remember that your objective is to provide your customers with a great customer experience. But by adding too many open-ended questions, you will end up irritating your customers with a negative customer experience. Instead, ask for only one open-ended response as a problem description or suggestion.

Top 5 Reasons Why Kiosk Survey Software Is A Great Choice For You

Reason 1. It can be used at various touchpoints.

The benefit of using kiosk surveys is that they can be used at various touchpoints, which can serve the purpose of collecting feedback. Here are multiple touch points where you can add your kiosk survey:

  • Customer service feedback

Set up kiosk surveys on customer service desks to get feedback about helping agents on-premises.

  • Retail & point of sales feedback

Integrate your kiosk survey app with POS systems and set them up at the billing counters to get retail feedback from customers.

  • Patient satisfaction feedback

With a kiosk survey app set at the reception, you can take feedback from outpatients and inpatients after their appointment or discharge.

  • Event lead capture

Set up kiosks at events and conferences for capturing contact information and lead data.

Reason 2. Collect feedback without wifi.

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When you use a Kiosk Survey App, you don’t have to worry about having bad or no internet. Once configured, you can collect feedback without using wifi.

Feedback and responses are saved in the Survey App and sync automatically when the internet is connected. Because the survey runs on an app, responses are stored on the device until you want to download the data to a web application for analysis.

While most retail establishments have reliable wifi, you’ll be glad to have the option to conduct your surveys to locations with spotty internet connections, such as exhibitions, outdoor events, or conferences.

Set up your Kiosk App at events, quick service restaurants, hotels, and other remote locations to collect unattended feedback without the need for an internet connection.

Reason 3. Allows you to receive real-time feedback.

Traditional data collection methods include a jumble of manual entry and data calculation. The kiosk app has now reduced the need for manual intervention in data collection and evaluation. The kiosk Survey software allows you to collect customer feedback in real-time, on-premises.

There is no delay in providing feedback because you are using devices (Android or iPad) as a touchscreen feedback kiosk device on-premises to receive real-time feedback. A good kiosk survey software will also be able to send you real-time SMS and email feedback alerts. It will allow them to take immediate corrective action to address the grumpy customers’ concerns.

Reason 4. It is a quick and user-friendly process.

Using the kiosk survey tool to collect customer feedback is simple and user-friendly. Creating customer feedback forms on the devices does not require any technical knowledge. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Log in to the kiosk survey software’s web dashboard.
  • Select the appropriate feedback template.
  • Modify the appearance and feel of your feedback form as per your requirements.
  • If necessary, add more questions and logic to your survey.
  • After that, open your kiosk survey app, and your feedback form will be ready for you to begin collecting customer feedback.

Reason 5. Aids in the collection of unattended feedback on survey kiosks.

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The best feature of a kiosk survey app is that it can be used to collect unattended feedback. Customers will be unable to exit the feedback form when using the kiosk mode on the devices. It is ideal for the billing counter, airports, malls, cafeterias, and other locations where staff cannot attend to the feedback device.

You can set the restart time of the feedback form, inactivity timeout with the kiosk survey app to ensure no staff assistance is required.

FAQs Regarding Kiosk Survey Software

  • Do we require a wifi connection for the survey kiosks?

 No, all your kiosk surveys can run without an internet connection.

  • What happens when a survey gets abandoned in between? (Inactivity)

You can set a timer for inactivity via kiosk survey software. For example, you can select the timer to 10 seconds, and if there is no activity, the survey will restart. 

  • How can the users exit the kiosk mode?

Users can only exit if they have set any exit option. You can select the exit options on the welcome screen, questions, and exit screen.


Collecting customer feedback with the Kiosk Survey App allows you to get real-time customer feedback data. It also provides real-time feedback reports, which will enable you to monitor every piece of feedback and collaborate with team members to mitigate the impact of any negative experiences.

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